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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

gaza tonight

Dear Hilary
i am worried like all of us here in gaza,waiting and cannot expect what
exactly will happen,we experinced all sorts of israeli agression,in the
last few months,and throughout the intifada, only since ehod olmert took
over the goverment 4month ago,85 palestinian were killed,echonomical and
political sanctions,people here in Gaza have nothing to lose,may be they
have only their chains to lose ,frustrated and donot anticipate or
lookforward for any hopefull horizon,
so it is not strange to find people reaction so strongly pro the military
operation against the israeli army , and the soldier kidnaping ,especially
since it came after almost 2 weeks of successive killings of civilians
inside Gaza,we are realy surrounded with death and expect death all the
time , the disengagement of the israeli army last september,left Gaza
people facing their destiny alone ,with the full control of the isreli
occupation army ,outside the gaza borders,
the disengagement and building of the wall in the west bank , didnot
bring peace to Israelis,

i will not go to bed tonight , most of us in gaza will not,i prepared my
emergency bag ,left it next to the front door,the hospitals declared high
emergency status,the medical facilities resources are exhusted,and limited
due to the sanctions ,
personaly i think of Mohammed ,his safety , and his university , i think
of sondos , iam tired myself , still recovering of my bad back, and minor
eye surgery,iam thinking of you paul and mishca, would i be able to meet
with you again ?
i think i will , we are survivors
i love you all
in solidarity
Gaza-26th of june 11 pm -the night of expected large operation into gaza

ps Hilary is my freind in the Uk ,and activist in the PSC Shefeild branch


  • ...people here in Gaza have nothing to lose...

    Dear Dr. El-Farra:

    The invasion by the IDF appears to be, at least at this point, imminent. Since Hamas, the PRC, Fatah, Hezbollah, PIJ, and the rest of the tired, old, defeated litany of terrorist groups want to capture Cpl. Shalit (and now they claim that they've kidnapped a "settler", perfect!) In case you didn't know this, kidnapping soldiers is considered an act of war. Whether Shalit lives or dies at this point is irrelevant, the Rubicon has been crossed and it is only a matter of time, probably easily measurable in hours, before the IDF advance.

    MAYBE the release of Shalit will forestall this invasion, but probably not. So we will soon be greeted to international cries of "massacre" as in Jenin a couple of years ago. Of course if Israel was one-tenth as ruthless as you claim them to be, or one-twentieth as ruthless as the armies that destroyed Constantinople, Jerusalem, Persia, and the Hindu/Buddhist/Greco-Buddhist kingdoms of ancient India... they would just send in the fighter jets and attack helicoptors and flatten the whole rotten thing, block by block.

    But no, they won't do that... they'll go door-to-door, so as to minimize the civilians deaths, like all decent civilized nations would do. And you'll be left to whine incessantly about soldiers breaking into homes, using bathrooms, and drinking peoples' water.... HORRORS!

    Seriously, Dr. El-Farra, NOW is the time to start preparing for invasion. Make yourself some white flags, take all the toy pistols and toy rifles away from any little boy you can find, and tell EVERYONE to stay inside (stockpile food, drinking water, salt, medicine, etc. NOW.)

    Really, Dr. El-Farra. I don't want to read a report of you being hurt. I hope that you and Cpl. Shalit make it through this, maybe if there is a serious show of force by the IDF Hamas will wake up and admit that it's time for moderation.

    And if Hamas et al. think that Iran or some other bunch of idiots is going to come rushing to their aid over this, they really are insane. Iran doesn't want to have war with America and England, and that is exactly what they will have if they start a war with Israel.

    We've got ourself a retarded, religiously-insane fool in charge of America that NEEDS more war to distract from his miserably failed domestic policies. And it's election season in America.

    America will stand by Israel as we almost always have. And if "Palestine" would declare peace with Israel, then we would also stand with the good people of Palestine. Just see how much we've helped Egypt... we give them billions of dollars in foreign aid, despite the fact that we get pretty-much nothing except an uneasy peace with our little ally, Israel.

    Think about that the next time you get to vote, assuming that Hamas allows elections, and assuming that they will allow women to vote. And assuming that there is even any Hamas or Palestine left after this weekend.

    PLEASE REMEMBER: keep the children inside, and take away all the toys weapons! And tell the men that their lives are more important than their politics. Just stay indoors and cooperate with the IDF. If you have a camcorder, film everything.

    The children of Palestine DO HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE: their lives. Try to keep yours.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 1:02 AM  

  • Anonymous,You are dead wrong about America standing by with Israel. The government might be but the American Citizen is not completely doing that. More and more are turning against Israel's Nazi tatics. You are down right SICK. Israel is on the way down. Even some of her own citizens are going towards the Palestinians. By the way apparently you are a coward, can't even sign in with a name. Go crawl back in your hole. One other thing, they might go door to door but they will kill the innocent and helpless just like some Americans did in Iraq.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 4:55 AM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 4:57 AM  

  • i wish hamas would give the soldier back....i would even consider voting for a government that isn't terrorist...

    from Dr. Mona, with love

    By Anonymous mona, at 7/07/2006 2:25 AM  

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