From Gaza, with Love

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sitting in my office, at the red crescent society for Gaza Strip, being
unable to focus on what aim doing, the sound of the artillery shelling is
too loud, it is so loud and makes me think all the time, what is the casualty
outcome??When and where??
The Israeli army tanks, did not stop this shelling, that is targeting
north and east of Gaza strip, it was officially mentioned that they hit
empty areas at the buffer zone, but this was not the case, for example and
this is just one of other examples
,few days ago one of these shelling hit a house in Bet lahia village
north of Gaza , one girl died and the other members of the same family ,
were injured , with different sorts of injuries , it was heartbreaking to
see one of those injured kids of this family on the TV , greatly distressed , I shut off the TV,
tried to rethink of the incident ,
successive shelling that followed and continued for almost 2 mintues , did
not give me the luxury of thinking I was worried felt unsafe and insecure
, but iwas unable to tell my self :< ok it becomes part of our normal
life events >
as aPalestinian Suffering while living under occupation or living in exile, should not
becomes Palestinian people destiny
Resisting occupation and fighting against injustice that was imposed
upon us for decades, until we achieve our national goals is our destiny



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