From Gaza, with Love

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gaza under large scale military attack

Dear freinds

i sent this email to my feind Hilary in the uk , i felt tense and wanted
to share what iam going through with her , i think i like to share it with
you too , and try to tell the world what is going on

in solidarity
Mona ElFarra

Dear Hilary

I am writing while the jet fighters are in the sky , with their horrible
sound , bringing death and horror,it is 10.30pm, I am still like everyone
waiting , i hope they will not go ahead with their operation into Gaza,
the outcome could be horrible ,the resistance movemet are going ahead with
their preperation too,but the balance of power is obvious to wich side
,any way Israel with resistance or no resistance is attacking us all the
time, but this time will be different ,and in the process many civilian
lives will be lost,iam listening to the local radio, it seems that the
operation started in khanyunis ,the artilary started shelling ,under the
cover of apachi heliocapters,and jet fighters , i am able to write now ,
do not know what will happen next,the power might cut off soon , few hours
ago , Mohammed and Sondos had a narrow escape during their way home , a
car exploded 150 meters from my home , close to the president home, one
person died and 4 injured, i cannot help feeling of worry, i am after all
a mother , ,
i shall stay strong , tommorrow iam going to the red crescent society
office, we are supposed to get some medications to be used at Alawda
hospital for the emergency department,that was stopped at the closed
borders , i am hoping to get it through with the help of WHO , i am not
sure if we shall receive them in time, but i shall keep trying.
the aeroplanes sound in the sky is geting louder .
i shall keep writing , it is big releif for me ,
love you all

ps Hilary is my freind in the Uk
Alawda Hospital is inside jabalia refujee camp, 2 weeks ago, it received
the Galia family children,who lost their parents during the beach
Mohamed and Sondos are my dear kids, i pray for the safety of all the the
children of the world,including israeli children


the operation against Gaza ,is continuing,it is 1.30 am,the gaza bridge
has been destroyed,the jet fighters are still in the sky hitting many
the gaza power plant was hit bt at least 7 missiles , i can see a big fire
from my window , and hear the sirens of emergency vans,the gun boats
started shelling too , i live by the beach .

this is updating in the morning ,28th of june 7 am
last night , it was very dangerous for me to reach the computer the power
was cut off , i stayed on the floor with my son and daughter, we didnot
sleep at all like all the residents in gaza strip.while trying to get
some hours of sleep , we didnot manage , the jet fighters sonic bombs
started showering us , it is very loud and horrifying voice , they are
continuing their attacks.

i contacted the hospital several times , no casualities yet, the operation
is going on in different parts of the gaza strip, but it is focused in the
south,rafah, i have no idea about the casulities


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  • Mona, dear - we are ALL with you and follow the events as closely as possible! I pray for you, your children and you ALL .. STAY SAFE!!
    May GOD be with you ALL!!
    It is so sickening me ... what a nightmare!!

    By Blogger Karin, at 6/28/2006 11:47 AM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 1:54 PM  

  • anonymous, would you agree if some large army bombed your city using the same excuse? I find your argument contemptuous.

    Mona, my heart is with you and with all your fellow citizens.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 2:32 PM  

  • For both sides, weapons aren't the solution. When are you going to talk to settle this situation? Meanwhile you will only get death and horror.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 3:06 PM  

  • whether you agree with the Israeli offensive in gaza or not, I do not understand one thing. Why is it that no Palestinian blogger (that I have found yet) condemns the kidnapping of the soldier and of the teenager. Why is it ok in your mind for a force to dig a tunnel into Israel, attack Israeli troops, killing some and kidnapping one, which is an invasion of Israeli territory and clearly an act of war? Whay is that humane? Why do you not condemn your government for allowing and supporting these types of events.
    Where is your humanity when it comes to the Israeli side of the fence? You will see very publicly a lot of Israelis and Jews all over the world, including in Israel, condemning the Israeli governments actions, when those people do not agree with them and find them to be inhumane. I do not recall seeing Palestinians criticizing and protesting against their own government against inhumanities it effects against other people? Is it so humane for your people to have kidnapped and probably tortured the 2 Israelis this week? Where are your voices on this topic?

    By Blogger Rafi G., at 6/28/2006 4:55 PM  

  • I hope nobody innocent in Gaza gets hurt. I wish we could stop this conflict somehow and live together peacefully. However, Israel has an obligation to its citizens (I am talkign specifically about the current issue, not past events) to protect them. Palestinian "terrorists" or soldiers (you might call them sodiers) invaded Israel and killed soldiers and kidnapped Israelis. Israel has to do what it can to protect its citizens, that includes going into Gaza and try to get the soldier back (especially becasue Israel waited 2 days to give you guys a chance to give the captives back and you did not). Israel has to respond harshly to territorial invasions, or else your soldiers will try to do it often.
    If you guys really wanted quiet and to avoid this mess, you would protest against your governments actions of invading Israel and kidnapping its soldiers and teenagers. Where are your voices on that inhumanity? Or do you think that is ok?

    By Blogger Rafi G., at 6/28/2006 5:15 PM  

  • Mona, Allah ma3kum. Stay strong.

    By Blogger moi, at 6/28/2006 5:26 PM  

  • The day those kids where snatched from Israel, is the day YOUR brave martyrs sealed YOUR fate. Hope it was worth it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 5:40 PM  

  • wnohtRafi G,

    As you will surely soon ascertain, the prevailing attitude is that nothing is so extreme as to make the anti-Zionist Jewhaters condemn the so-called Palestinians.

    Every excuse, from "they can't help but fight back" to "I would do the same thing" is proferred, as it has always been. Think Munich, 1972. The previously UNTHINKABLE became ho-hum, and the Arab terrorists were rewarded with a home at the UN, international recognition, and outright LOVE from every other Arab/Muslim nation.

    The simple fact is that if the Arab terrorists near Israel were attacking ANY OTHER nation, or if Israel wasn't a Jewish nation, they would be treated like the scum that they are.

    The fact that Israel EXISTS is an affront to Arabs and Jewhaters all over the world, so they "make" it into the cause celebre. And when Arabs are humiliated, non-Muslims MUST DIE. That's the way it is. The Arab League has declared that "there is no such thing as a terror attack against Israel." And that sums up their attitude. Despite their HORRENDOUS human rights records regarding the treatment of women, homosexuals, children, Kurds, Jews, Christians, atheists, political dissenters, the Yezidi, the black Africans of Sudan, etc. etc. etc.... despite all of this good, decent, liberal people LIKE I LOVE MUNICH are totally infactuated with the Arab raison d'etre: to kill Jews and destroy Israel.

    They NEVER MENTION how Israel came to be... they can only whine about the suffering NOW and try to make some loose connection to Israel and her attempts to stay extant.

    No one here will answer this, but the historical record is clear: Israel was given to the Jews because it BELONGED to England and England could do with it as they damn well chose. It BELONGED to England because the previous owners, the Ottoman Turks GAVE IT TO ENGLAND at the Treaty of Versailles... how can people ignore this? Just like America TODAY could, were we so inclined, GIVE the US Virgin Islands (or Guam, or Washington DC for that matter) to ... the Pope, the Dali Lama, whoever. England gave Palestine to Israel, and was completely within its rights to do so. The Arabs couldn't handle that. And when Arabs are angry, non-Muslims MUST DIE. So they invaded the fledgling Israel with the STATED INTENT of killing every single Jew therein.

    Many of those Jews were Holocaust survivors and they refused to be defeated. They whipped the Arab armies (which only infuriated/humiliated them even MORE) and seized some territory to make their holdings contiguous and defendable.

    But the Arabs, religiously insane and all hopped up on testosterone, refused to admit defeat. So they started war with Israel again in 1956. And 1967. And 1973. They wouldn't let the exiled palestinians into their nations and encouraged them to have LAAAARGE families, knowing full well the suffering it would bring.

    And the poor Palestinians are used as pawns by a game being decided in Mecca, Riyadh, and Damascus. For example, the REAL leader of Hamas lives a life of ease in Damascus. HE ordered the attack and kidnapping that resulted in the taking of Gilad Shalit. HE is safe in his villa in Damascus; Israel cannot strike him or he'd already be dead. HE will not have his power turned off. HE will not have the IDF rolling into his town, imposing a curfew, and having gunbattles with any idiot that wants to kill some Jews before he dies. HE will not suffer one bit, wil not lose one second of sleep, nor excrete one drop of sweat. HE just gives the orders, and the religiously-insane Jewhaters of Gaza do what HE says. And THEY are going to suffer.

    And people all over the world are saying that Israel should do NOTHING, just lay down and play dead. And cry and cry when Israel retaliates. Right, I-Love-Munich? Remember the oft-cited "Jenin Massacre"? What a joke. Terrorists were hiding in Jenin. The local populace wouldn't LIFT ONE FINGER to help Israel bring them to justice. The IDF went in to get them. The locals all came out to fight an ARMY. About fifty "palestinians" were "martyred" and about 30 Israelis were killed. The IDF COULD have just strafed and bombed the whole damn thing but instead went DOOR TO DOOR hunting the terrorists. The IDF incurred many casualties doing this. But that is the way they did it.

    And OH THE HUMANITY the Muslims and Arabs and Jewhaters all over the world cried. (Right I-Love-Munich '72?) And THEY'RE STILL lying and whining and crying about it. Meanwhile in Sudan the Arab militiamen have destroyed THOUSANDS of villages, killing every single adult, raping every woman, boy, and girl, enslaving the girls, burning all the villages. And NO. ONE. GIVES. A. DAMN. But let an IDFer make an Arab lift his shirt at a checkpoint and they soil themselves (right Munich?)

    HALF A MILLION have been murdered in Somalia since 1993 and NO. ONE. GIVES. A. DAMN. Saddam let half a million of his people starve since 1991 while he dined on caviar and champagne... and he murdered hundreds of thousands of Kurds and NO. ONE. GIVES. A. DAMN.

    Jihadi terrorists from Pakistan have murdered 100,000 women, children, pilgrims, and tourists in Kashmir since 1990 and NO ONE CARES.

    Why don't "liberal" people like Dr. El-farra, like I-Love-Munchen, etc. care? There are only two possibilities: either the don't care what Muslims do, or they only care about what Israel does.

    Another anonymous said, "Anyone with half a brain should have known this would happen."

    Of course they knew. But the "palestinians" can't lose because their allies CONTROL THE MEDIA. Either Israel "yields to international pressure" and DOESN'T retaliate, in which case the murder of Jews helps the Palestinians... or Israel DOES retaliate, in which case the international, pro-oil, pro-Muslim, pro-Arab media lambastes Israel. Like the imaginary Jenin Massacre©, the "IDF murder of the boy Mohammed Al-Dura", the IDF artillery fire onto the beach in Gaza, etc. etc.

    Just consider this... when the IDF actually DOES kill a terrorist in "palestine" by hitting his car with a missile, what is the GUARANTEED result? EVERY SINGLE TIME: hundreds of people (which like in any Arab hellhole, means "MEN") swarm aroud the car, and I mean swarm THICK. Why? Aren't they afraid that the IDF will fire another missile? Of course they aren't afraid, because they know that the IDF would never do that, because Israel is a civilized nation of civilized human beings, and takes no real pleasure in murdering innocents.

    And btw, if they strike a car carrying terrorists, AND the car has been loading with bombs, and THOSE bombs kills innocent bystanders (as was the case last week)... it is the responsibility of the bombmakers.

    Enric, I WOULD agree. Israel is not bombing any city in Gaza, so get off your crap. They could flatten the entire thing with bombs if they wanted to, but they won't. If the good people of Gaza would HELP the IDF find Corporal Shalit, the IDF wouldn't HAVE to go in and try to find them. But any act of compassion by an Arab, toward any Jew or Israeli would be rewarded with a lynching. Right Dr. El-farra?

    Useful idiots like Munich will use this "united front" and the fact that most Jews and many Israelis are FOR the palestinians as "proof" that the Israelis are the evil ones. Which is like saying that the Taliban didn't treat women bad, since none of their women ever complained.

    This is totally illogical but the professional anti-Zionists don't care about logic, they only care about destroying Israel and NO LIE is too bold, NO TERRORIST ACT is too egregious, and no claim too fabulous to deter them from their evil agenda (right I-Love-Munchen?)

    Now just observe the response from I-Love-Munich and her fellow Israel bashers. She will say I am heartless, inhuman, and ignorant. Because that is ALL THEY CAN SAY. They will not comment on the way that Israel was created, they will not comment on the suffering that the Palestinians have brought on themselves, they will not talk about the FOUR WARS that the Arabs have declared on Israel, and they will not comment on the thousands of terrorist attacks on Israel. They will not talk about how much land Israel has given away for peace concessions (most of which were only temporary anyway.) They will not talk about the thousands and thousands of Katyusha and Qassam rockets the "starving" palestinians have blindly thrown into Israel. They will not talk about the MILLION Arab Israelis that have GREAT lives in Israel with the rights to assembly, freedom of the press, freedom to run for office and hold public office, recourse to the law, the right of redress in court, the right to vote, the right to worship any way (or not at all) and so many more rights that are UNHEARD OF for the majorities in any Arab/Muslim hellhole.

    They will not mention the millions of innocent people that have been murdered--and are BEING MURDERED NOW--in non-Jewish places. They will not mention the women of Arab/Muslim nations that are virtually enslaved and TREATED LIKE DIRT.

    They will whine, lie, shill, dissemble, and historically revise in order to denigrate and vilify Israel, hoping against HOPE to win that war they lost back in 1948... no matter HOW MANY Arab children suffer, no matter how many Arab children die... bah. Munich and dolts like her accuse Israel of not caring about the lives of Arab children. Well, if the Arabs will kill their children in order to kil Jews, why SHOULDN'T Israel kill them to save Jews?

    Golda Meir once said, "We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children, but we cannot forgive them for making us kill their children."

    Wake up and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 6:03 PM  

  • Wow. This is not good at all. I did see it coming though.

    Rafi, as for your comments, I can see where you coming from..but I dont think you do realize under what "desperation" Palestanians are.

    The Palestanian militias (or terrorists are you may call) have two choices, either:

    live in peace and forget about their land they had 50 years ago.. and not to mentin all refugees cannot come back again...

    Or: Keep poking the Israeli's till they give up and leave. Which I dont see that happening anytime soon.

    I did discuss this in my blog post, check it up ("")

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/28/2006 6:11 PM  

  • You are ONE SINGLY DISGRACE, Mr. anonymous! I have NO intention to engage with someone like you in any discussion - someone who distorts history in a way that anyone who studied it, can only shake the head in disbelieve!

    The fact that you publically call me an idiot and dolt (something a normalminded man with even an iota of decency would never do) ... well, personally it doesn't even scratch me but you did yourself NO FAVOUR AT ALL as other people will read that and know instantly how to categorize and judge you ... you did only disqualify yourself, something I repeatedly told you!

    Someone who wants to transfer ALL ISRAEL (including Wailing Wall!) to America, charge Saudi Arabia the imaginary one trillion dollar bill and has further ideas of this caliber, can certainly NOT be taken serious by anyone ... rafi, I only ask you to read the full "opus" among the comments of Mona's last post (or the one before)!

    To wrap this up ... people like you are so eaten up by flaming hatred and bitterness - it is a waist of time to even counter. All I do is feel sorry for you ...

    Haytham, thanks a lot for your valuable input! I hope rafi will take up your offer and get a realistic view of what is going on!

    By Blogger Karin, at 6/28/2006 6:54 PM  

  • Karin: Please just ignore this piece of shit called "anonymous"...

    Mona, stay strong, we're all with you!

    By Blogger Abed. Hamdan, at 6/28/2006 10:33 PM  

  • jamalrayyan/anonymous - I understand your two choices of either give it all up or keep poking Israel, and I can respect that. You have your side to the story and in your eyes your fight is legitimate. My problem with it is, you wail about how Israel is attacking Gaza, but it is a direct result of what your people did! If you can't take the pain don't play the game..
    You can't cry to the world that Israel is blowing up Gaza and it is a crime against humanity when you started the specific conflict by crossing the border and kidnapping its citizens. It just does not work like that. You feel the need to keep poking the Israelis, go ahead and hope the Israelis leave, but when Israel pokes back, suck it up and take it like a man. If you cannot deal with Israel's reaction, don't poke Israel.

    By Blogger Rafi G., at 6/28/2006 10:47 PM  

  • Fools like this lot are what keep terrorism alive. Terrorists commit terror because TERROR WORKS.

    Munich, YOU started with the insults, calling me ignorant. You are a dolt and an idiot, and a charlatan besides. You obviously are in possession of many fine qualities, not the least of which is compassion and a keen interest in justice. But you are sorely misguided if you think that Israel laying down and playing dead is going to lead to peace. There is NEVER peace for religious nuts: they fight the "infidels" first, as in Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq, and northern Nigeria right now. When the "lower class people" are thoroughly marginalized, converted, or otherwise subdued then they have the sectarian wars so that one big brand of religion can control everyone else. As in: Iraq (Sunni vs. Shi'ite) and Pakistan ("real Muslim" vs. Ahmadiyas.) Then when one sect rules supreme they start in on enslaving their own women, and purging their land of any non-Muslim thing a la Afghanistan, Iran, and Saudi.

    As for my "crazy" idea for the Baja Plan, which you seem to dwell on as if it took away from my other arguments, MY WAY would actually WORK. You don't have any viable solution, neither does Israel, and neither do the Arabs.

    You and the peace-loving Arabs think that Israel should lay down and die. They want Israel let in five-million Arabs...into Israel itself, not just "palestine" but Israel. Israel's population only has four-million Jews, and the so-called "right of return" would ensure that the Jews become an overnight minority in their own nation. History shows that when Muslims achieve a majority, bad things transpire (see Lebanon eg.)

    The Israelis know this and will never concede any so-called "right of return" to the people that have sworn, using their childrens blood, to destroy Israel.

    The Arabs know this too, and the fact that they continually claim to have some big "Peace Plan" that calls for Israel to let in five-million Arabs is just another example of the brazen, bad-faith offerings from the Arabs.

    MY PLAN, the Baja Plan, would actually work, but because you don't know shit about anything, like for example engineering you think that it can't work. (They REALLY did take the London Bridge apart, lable EVERY stone, catalog it on a computer, and rebuild it in America... New Mexico or Arizona, I can't remember which one.)

    A trillion dollars from Saudi Arabia? Why not? They spend trillions all over the world building churches and telling all of us that we're going to hell, why don't they spend an easy trillion to relocate Israel and the people of Israel?

    Again, the so-called "ideas" of the Arabs are a joke, YOU certainly don't have any solutions, Dr. El-Farra doesn't have any solutions, and Abed Hamdan (dude, is your name really "HAM"-dan? Snicker) doesn't have any real solutions. You think that you're going to win by getting the world to destroy Israel; you can wait your whole damn life and still be waiting when the death you fear so much finally claims you.

    THIS JUST IN: THE PALESTINIANS HAVE NOW KIDNAPPED A THIRD MAN. Boy, they must really want peace. What a joke.

    Anyway, the Baja Plan COULD work, unlike any ideas from the Arabs and their pets like I-Love-Munich.

    And Israel doesn't have a plan for peace either. They think that granting concessions to the Arabs will bring them peace; it won't. They think that giving them land will bring them peace; it won't. Nothing will satisfy the Arabs except complete surrender and a Judenrein Palestine. (If you don't know what that means, ask I-Love-Munchen. But you should be able to figure it out with context clues. Not you, Mr. HAM-dan LOL.)

    By the way, Abed Hamdan, I would RATHER be a piece of shit than a religiously-insane murderer of women and children... or someone that praises murderers of women and children. Hey, is your sister late this month? Better go slit her throat for your "honor" and so Allah will give you your 72 virgins when you get to Heaven.

    "Abed"...."Abed"... it seems to me that I've heard that somewhere before. Ah yes, it's Arabic for "servant". And it also means "Black" in Arabic. Now I wonder why the Arabs would have the same word for "black" and "slave"? Hmmmmm...

    As I predicted earlier, no one here can talk about anything except how eeeeevil the Jews are and how ignorant I am for pointing out the facts. For example, I-Love-Munich stated that I am

    someone who distorts history in a way that anyone who studied it, can only shake the head in disbelieve!

    Um, I don't suppose you can actually POINT OUT any of my historical distortions, can you? You have all of my words here; I can't change them now. It's so strange that all these intelligent Jew haters--oh, I mean Israel haters--can call me all kinds of names and yet can't quote a single thing I've said and say, "This is wrong."

    And no, Munich...saying that my Baja Plan is stupid does not prove that it's wrong. Remember, MY way, everyone lives in peace, the Palestinians get their own sovereign nation (for the first time in history BTW) and Israel wouldn't even NEED any nukes. No one else here, and no one of any power--neither in Israel nor in any Arab nation nor in the Quartet--has any idea that is guaranteed to work permanently.

    If you, Ms. Munich, or anyone else for that matter, would like to discuss the Baja Plan or some secret idea of your own that you've been keeping to yourself, I am all for hearing it. But all you can do is insult MY idea (the only one that really could work) and scoff at the notion of asking Saudi Arabia to chip in a trillion dollars. It may help you to remember that the House of Saud have been handed thirty times that amount in the last four decades in oil revenues.

    What if it was "only" five-hundred billion dollars? Would that be low enough to encourage you? Weren't you the one whining a few days ago about people thinking of Palestinians as worthless, or devoid of value? What if America paid 50 billion, the United Nothing paid 50 billion, England paid 50 billion, Germany paid 50 billion, the OIC paid 100 billion, and Saudi Arabia paid 200 billion? Are all those poor, poor lives worth HALF a trillion dollars, Munich?

    Do the math, my dear: five-million Jews (roughly) and five-million so-called "palestinians" is a total of 10 million people, assuming that you think that Jews are people. A trillion dollars divided by 10-million people is 100,000 each. Big whoop. That's a month in a hospital. Don't you think that they life of a Palestinian is worth 100,000 dollars? So shouldn't they ALL be worth that much? A trillion dollars is NOTHING in terms of a benefit this great.

    Really, Munich... I don't mean to be so mean. I can tell by your impassioned writing and your lovely, happy face that YOU REALLY ARE a lovable, decent, good-hearted woman, and a good Christian besides. You and I want the same thing: peace. We want everybody to be happy. We want to minimize human suffering (and animal suffering too. It may surprise you to learn that I've been a vegetarian for 16 years: no fish, no meat, no chicken, no animal flesh of any kind. I know that a lot of Germans are vegetarians; are you?)

    Dear Munich, we want to see suffering alleviated. I fear that you are naively imagining that there is something that Israel can do to make the Arabs happy. Anything short of mass suicide or 100% exile will fail to achieve the desired effect.

    The situation is not helped by continually excoriating Israel and apologizing for the terrorists that have RUINED the lives of thier people. Doing so only serves to bolster the terrorists that have explicitly stated that they will kill or exile EVERY Jew in (the historical region known as) Palestine, and that they would not allow a Jewish state to exist in Palestine that was even as small as a postage stamp.

    Without the Baja Plan (or some other great idea, for which I am all ears (or eyes that is)) we all know how this is going to shake out: nuclear armaggedon. It might be next year, or in twenty years, but it's going to happen; I think we all know this.

    Just the fact that I would be willing to move Israel OUT of the middle east altogether shows that I am not like most Zionists... I have argued with many of them on this matter, believe me! I am proud to be a Zionist because I believe in saving lives and alleviating suffering, not because I believe any religious fairytales about Zion Hill and environs.

    The religiously-insane Jews do not want to leave the land "Yaweh" gave Moses fifty centuries ago. Too bad. Under the Baja Plan they will be forcibly moved, as they were forcibly moved out of Gaza last year. I DON'T CARE if the Zionist don't want to go; we'll MAKE THEM GO. I DON'T CARE if the Saudomy Arabians don't want to foot the bill; we'll MAKE THEM PAY. I don't care if Abbas or Olmert or anyone else thinks it won't work; IT WILL WORK because we can MAKE IT WORK.

    LET the Palestinians have their beloved wasteland. LET the Muslims have their beloved Al-Quds. LET the Zionists have their nation, so any future "final solutions" will not come to pass. LET the children of Israel and Palestine live in peace in separate hemispheres. LET Israel put down it's guard, de-nuke itself, and focus on medical research and Torah writing and whatever else they want to do. LET the Arabs build another third-world hellhole where women are treated like slaves.

    ALL sides win with my plan. Mexico gets an influx of four million scientists, entreprenuers, etc. Israel gets peace. Palestinians get Palestine including ALL of Jerusalem. America gets a new friendly neighbor. Iran gets to say that they won. No one gets killed. No one gets humiliated. No more suicide bombs. No more martyrs. No more "humiliating" checkpoints. No more murdered children. No more Kassam rocket attacks. No more military incursions. No more crying mothers. No more sniper attacks. No more destroyed homes. No more soldier kidnappings. No more smuggling guns and missiles. No more attack helicoptors. No more olive trees and guava trees and fig trees cut down. No more... (etc. etc.)

    ALL of this can happen... it starts with an idea, and I HAVE an idea that fits. If you don't like my idea, offer one that's better. This includes you, Abed. Work with me. We can work together to make the world a better place or we can stand safely out of range and scream "NO CONCESSIONS" at the Arabs and Israelis. If you find my idea objectionable, tell me what exactly what part you don't like... is it the price tag? Is it "too easy" on the Jews? Do you think it can't be done because you have an insufficient fund of imagination? Read the preceding paragraph again and tell me that this would not be a desirable phenomenon.

    This CAN be done, people! Just look at the Manhattan Project. We built nuclear bombs using slide rules and chalk boards.

    Consider the pyramids... we built them using ropes, logs, and oxen!

    Think of the computer... Babbage designed one in 1820! We're sending rockets to other planets and beyond (Voyager)! We built the Hagia Sophia using logs, rope, and hammers. The Temple of David too.

    Dr. El-Farra, you are a woman of science. I am a man of science. What say you on this idea?


    BTW... speaking of big know, if Israel really did "control America" it would be so easy to get America involved with a little war in Gaza and the West Bank... so, so easy. It would be so easy to frame the Palestinians, make it look like they killed a bunch of Americans, like even at one of our embassies. SO simple.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 12:50 AM  

  • The false dichotomy:

    The Palestanian militias (or terrorists are you may call) have two choices, either: live in peace and forget about their land they had 50 years ago.. and not to mentin all refugees cannot come back again... Or: Keep poking the Israeli's till they give up and leave. Which I dont see that happening anytime soon.

    OR.... OR.... OR....

    Or, they could do what Dr. King did in America, or what Gandhi did in India, or what President Mandela did in South Africa. HONORABLY resist and affect real, permanent, peaceful change. They COULD do that. But the religiously-insane overlords screaming "JIHAD" from their gold-plated commodes and bullet-proof Rolls Royces in Damascus, Cairo, and Riyadh drive them to extremes.

    And, despite willfully ignoring this, the Palestinians didn't "have their land fifty years ago"... that was England's land, after it was given to them by the Ottoman rulers at the Treaty of Versailles. Why can't you people get that into your heads? Get an encyclopedia, or visit

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 12:56 AM  

  • anonymous: I have only one question for you

    Q) Why did your parents call you anonymous ?? are not there any better name ??

    I will sue my parents if they called me anonymous :(

    By Blogger Abed. Hamdan, at 6/29/2006 1:15 AM  

  • I am watching with much sorrow, and praying that somehow you and your loved ones will be safe.

    By Blogger jarvenpa, at 6/29/2006 1:42 AM  

  • Thank you for informing us here in the US what life is like for someone living in Gaza. The indigenous people of our country, too, have suffered for their resistance to colonial domination.

    You are obviously a patient and understanding person having to tolerate people like some of the commenters who attack you.

    By Blogger Jay Taber, at 6/29/2006 4:21 AM  

  • Hello Mona,
    You don't know me but I am an israeli living abroad. I feel so bad for you and your family. I also feel bad for Israeli families. I hope all the innocent palestinians are safe tonight and the day to come. You don't deserve this. No one does. Why can't we get along???

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 4:42 AM  

  • Dear Dr. Mona,
    Friends of Palestine around the world are praying for you and all in Gaza tonight.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 6:44 AM  

  • God Bless Israel and the IDF.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 10:41 AM  

  • Hi,

    Last year I could word in Palestine, in the local elections.

    I spent all this night reading the news from my house in barcelona:

    this morning in my work; some of my fellows are very preocupated for the civil people in the gaza strip; palestinians and his neighboors:::

    By Blogger Izan, at 6/29/2006 3:51 PM  

  • Dear Abed HAMdan:

    Don't be so fey. I will not give my name here because, quite frankly I live in a city with lots of Muslims and I don't want them to kill me.

    Why did YOUR parents name you "black"? And why is your last name HAMdan? Do you know what HAM means? LOL.

    So the Palestinians have killed the "settler" (not "person") they kidnapped the other day.

    An Israeli wrote in and asked why they can't all just get along... the answer is obvious. The situation in Israel is the expected outcome of a group of people refusing to live under the yoke of Islam. The Palestinians refuse to live under Jews because Muslims NEVER back down. The Jews refuse to live under Islam because they survived the Holocaust. Neither side will back down. Ever. It won't end until Iran nukes Israel, period. THEN and only then, the Arabs will go to Jordan like they should have 60 years ago and the Jews will come to America like THEY should have 60 years ago, and at last there will be peace in the "Holy Land."

    Now some anonymous poster wrote in about God. That was not me. I guess I should give myself a psuedonym... let's try...okay, I've got one. There is this Muslim man I really love, Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi. Look him up online. So I will go by Edhi.

    There's this Henry Rollins song that goes like this:

    It's better to give than receive, what a lie.
    You'd better get paid and get laid and get high.
    It's better to give than receive, what a lie.
    Even Mother Theresa got a taste on the sly.
    It's better to give than receive, what a lie.
    You'd better stay late, never work, and get high.
    It's better to give than receive, what a lie.
    I bet that Jesus Christ had a wondering eye.
    I hear so much talk about soul and the spirit.
    I heard so much that I no longer hear it.
    Life is a hurdle and you'll never clear it.
    Death is the end of the ride and you fear it.


    Just thought I'd share.

    No one wants to talk about the Baja Plan? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Not even you, Mr. Hamdan? Wouldn't you LIKE to see all the Jews packed up and sent to Mexico?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 4:13 PM  

  • This just in (Edhi here)... the Iraniacs have until July 5th to come clean. Wow. Would America invade Iran? Their idiot religious ruler is daring OUR idiot religious leader to attack. I wonder what will happen? Not a good time to visit Iran. Not a good time to visit Gaza.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 4:23 PM  

  • I've been spreading your problem along the moccasin trail a are prayers are with you.
    They can keep it quite for much longer.
    The facts will be known, the truth will set you Free.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 4:32 PM  

  • Before the business is set

    That is what One would say Every day When Giving thanks.

    The Peoples

    We will all join together in our minds,
    and we will give thanks to the People for their continued peace.

    So our minds will continue to be.

    Our Mother the Earth

    We will all join together in our minds,
    and we will give thanks to Our Mother the Earth as we go along continuing to think good things.

    So our minds will continue to be.

    the Grasses / Plants / Vegetation

    We give thanks to all of the vegetation on the earth.
    Some are foods we eat.
    Some are medicines we use.
    We give thanks to all of the Plants that are still helping us.

    So our minds will continue to be.

    The Waters

    We give thanks to the Waters that still was down on us,
    and wipe away the nasty things on the earth.
    We join together in our minds, and we give thanks for the Waters.

    So our minds will continue to be.

    The Wild Animals

    We give thanks to the Wild Animals that we still see,
    and that are still looking after us when we are hungry,
    and when we are cold.
    We join together in our minds, and we thank the Wild Animals.

    So our minds will continue to be.

    The Trees / Bushes

    We will all join together in our minds,
    and we give thanks to the Trees as they still do what the Creator asked them,
    and the biggest tree is the Maple,
    and we give thanks to them.

    So our minds will continue to be.

    The Birds

    We give thanks to the birds as we still hear them carrying their songs, and the greatest of them is the Eagle.
    We give thanks as they guard as we travel along.

    So our minds will continue to be.

    The Winds

    We will all join together in our minds,
    and we will give thanks as the blowing winds still do what the Creator is depending upon them to do.

    So our minds will continue to be

    The Thunders

    We give thanks to the Water bringers (Thunderers) as they still go along doing what the Creator is depending upon them to do.
    They are looking after us living here on the earth.

    So our minds will continue to be

    Our Elder Brother the Daytime Celestial Light

    We are giving thanks as we still see the Sun lighting and heating the earth.
    He is giving us the strength and we will all join together in our minds,
    and we give thanks to him Our Elder Brother the Sun.

    So our minds will continue to be.

    Our Grandmother the Nighttime Celestial Light

    We are giving thanks to Our Grandmother as we still see her,
    and she is still looking out for us her children.

    So our minds will continue to be

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 5:44 PM  

  • anonymous: I think my grandfather used to like hamburger, that's why he is hamdan...

    don't worry man, noboyd will you, who cares about you anyway :D

    By Blogger Abed. Hamdan, at 6/29/2006 8:09 PM  

  • Nobody will Kill you, who cares about you anyway :D

    By Blogger Abed. Hamdan, at 6/29/2006 8:09 PM  

  • Mona,
    God bless you for your compassion and the work you do to bring healing and peace. Our loving Yahweh/Allah/Creator is with you and the Palestinian people just as She was with the Isrealites under Pharaoh.
    There are many of us who pray and work for peace for our Israeli and Palestinian brothers and sisters here in the United States. It sickens us to see how our guns are used against your people.
    Our prayers are with you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/29/2006 8:45 PM  

  • i wish hamas would give the soldier back....i would even consider voting for a government that isn't terrorist...

    from Dr. Mona, with love

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/07/2006 2:26 AM  

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