From Gaza, with Love

Monday, August 06, 2007

thank you for your kind support

Dear All
my friends everywhere many of you i have not met in person , your comforting encourging emails and comments in my blog , helped me great deal while grieving my late dear mother . the most difficult part of this grieve was that i couldnot see her while she was calling for me .it was only little piece of paper called permitt , a permitt to allow me to enter my country , and in such extraordinary huminatarian situation .i told you before it is occupation, it is racist occupation it is injustice as well , it is my cause and your cause to unifiy our efforts and fight with all our mighty against injustice to fight .all other sorts of injustices small or large.we are not weak , together we are not weak, we are stronger than thier weapons and mad wars , expolitation wealth and occupation , justice is on our side and it is a lot .
when i was in my 1st speaking tour in the USA i met wonderfull people , many of them work hard to achieve peace . peace that is based on justice , i felt strong i was empowered and inspired , being at home now i have a messege of solidarity to transfer to my people , to tell them that the world is not silent , and our solidarity , unity and networking is great power .it is not only the messege that i have, i have also a practical support too that will help to make the chanhge in the lives of many poor families in Gaza, occupation and political instabilty made them poor and poorer ,
the ppaletinian cause is not a case for charity , we are apeople with inlainable rights , no peace without justice and justice means RIGHT OF RETURN


  • Dear Dr. Elfarra,

    Please accept my condolences for the passing of your mother and the occupation that kept you from her in her last moments. It is easy to understand how you would be embittered by your experience. I hope you can find it in yourself to overcome this and work for peace despite your personal loss.

    As you stated, the world is united in seeking a solution that will allow the Palestinians and Israelis to live together in peace and lift the Palestinians out of their desperate situation. However, neither the US nor the rest of the world is in solidarity with the Palestinian dream of re-taking all of Israel (aka Right of Return)...if you got this impression in the U.S. you were limiting your interaction to a very small minority that holds that perspective.

    I hope you will join the world and seek peace rather than continue the violence and destruction that keeps the Palestinian people impoverished and occupied. Surely as an educated person, you must realize that the Israelis will not walk away from the Israeli mainland that they consider "theirs" as much as you consider it "yours". For one thing, they have nowhere else to go.

    In fact, regardless of the assertions of extremist religious fanatics (on both sides), Palestinians have no more divine right to the land than Jews do. Arabs, Persians, Jews, Kurds, and other Middle Easterners have fought over land for millennia. Arabs lost the land that is currently Israel nearly 60 years ago...this is the reality on the ground that must be faced as other groups have had to deal with tremendous loss of land to Arab conquerers (ask the Kurds).

    So long as both parties prefer to spend their resources making each other miserable (firing rockets/building walls), rather than building their economies and educating their people, the situation will remain tragic.

    No matter how good righteous indignation feels, it only leads you down a path to destruction. I implore you to consider your patients, your people, and common sense and turn your rhetoric from inflammatory slogans to open discussion seeking a peaceful solution where all of the residents of Israel/Palestine can co-exist.

    Peace, blessings, and logic,

    By Blogger LogicalDave, at 9/05/2007 3:17 AM  

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