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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

double standard democracy -and where the media goes wrong and fooled

my friend Allan in LA -USA ,telephoned in the heat of the violent incidents in Gaza , asking about the hamas farfour , and i hope that this article will answer his question , and many qustions in your minds , if you need to know more about children in Gaza (Palestinian children), please visit MECA website mecafor peace .org, it can tell you many beatifull stories about Gazan children, thier determination to enjoy what the occupation and injustice has left for them to enjoy !!!!!!while the rest of the world keeps silent
spread the word say no to the injustice no to racist occupation .

Hamas, Mickey Mouse And
Other Horror Stories:
Those Violent Palestinians Again

By Agustin Velloso

22 May, 2007

The same thing applies to Palestinian violence as to
United States democracy: all the news media talk
frequently about it but none of them has ever seen it
as it really is. The abundance of news aimed at
reporting the intrinsic evil of the Palestinians is
impressive. Last week one could see at peak viewing
time Palestinian pre-school teachers using Mickey
Mouse to teach kids they must wipe out Jews, make
martyrs of themselves, fight to take over the world
and so on.

What a headline! What depth of Middle East conflict
analysis! Those children and their parents before them
have been subjected to constant Israeli bombing for
years - attacks that cause dead and wounded by the
thousand - and yet, to the leading lights of
journalism, what matters, or rather what they are
interested in broadcasting, is that the children of
these victims are taught from infancy to turn into
Islamist terrorists.

Would not the contrary be news, according to a golden
rule of the profession? To their tormentors,
Palestinian children write poems of love - orphaned by
Israeli bombs that have killed their parents, starving
hungry thanks to a criminal blockade by Israel and its
allies, with no hope of leaving that hell since the
United Nations is in no hurry to oblige Israel to
abandon the Occupied Territories (after 40 years of
illegal occupation now) as it was to force Iraq to
abandon Kuwait (after 6 months).

In that same week an Israeli soldier, in a punishment
operation in Nablus, killed an unborn Palestinian
whose mother is still lying wounded in hospital. Maha
Katouri, a 30 year old Palestinian mother lost the
child in her womb, seven months into the pregnancy, to
a bullet that perforated her abdomen and destroyed her
unborn baby's head.

Non-news is that the Israeli soldier who fired the
shot is in Occupied Palestinian territory illegally:
non-news also are his orders to shoot to kill
Palestinians, including women and children in their
houses, not because Israel faces non-existent Arab
aggression, but rather to contribute, death by death,
captive by captive, eviction by eviction, to the
genocide of the Palestinians. For the international
community the latest anniversary of the final solution
of the Jewish Question which ended with the complete
defeat of the Nazi regime is news. Non-news is the
continuing final solution of the Palestinian Question,
begun with the establishment of Israel and which every
Israeli government since 1948 has continued with the
blessing of that same international community.

Just-barely-news is that the same week a dozen
Palestinians have died and many more have been wounded
at Israel's hands. Non-news is that the remainder
suffers the effects of an international economic
blockade applied to a population under military
occupation by a member country of the United Nations.
Also non-news is that every last bullet has been paid
for by the United States which subsidises Israel's
army of occupation with US$3 billion a year.

News is the falsehood that Condi Rice travels to
Jerusalem to promote peace. Non-news is that the
European Union approves Israel's genocidal policy,
since it does nothing to make Israel respect UN
resolutions and international humanitarian law. News
is that the European Union does not talk with the
Hamas government, which has not occupied Israel and
has not broken international law, because purportedly
it includes extremists.

Non-news is that hundreds of thousands of Palestinian
children receive daily from the Israeli Mickey Mouse
throughout their lives an education far more effective
than one that even the most intelligent Palestinian
teacher could not devise: Occupier education. This
teaches them the Occupier is much stronger than the
occupied and thus to abandon the land the Occupier
covets or take the consequences, which are non-news or
old news: a wall that condemns them to live in a
prison, demolition house by house to make way for
colonies exclusively for Jews, the loss of means to
make a living so that they emigrate and, above all,
prison (Israeli prisons hold 11,000 Palestinian
captives) and death (5000 Palestinian dead since 2000)
for resisting all the foregoing.

Non-news is that hundreds of thousands of Palestinian
children grow up traumatized by the extreme violence
to which they are subjected by the fourth most
powerful army in the world, equipped with F-16 fighter
bombers, Merkava tanks and snipers whom Israel daily
sends into the Occupied Territories to fire on the
unarmed civilian population. News, on the other hand,
is that Israeli children in Sderot suffer
psychological stress from Qassam rockets, whose
minimal destructive capacity, however, is non-news: a
total of seven people in Israel have died from 4500
launches since 2001. Non-news too is that between ten
and twenty Palestinians regularly die from a single
Israeli missile.

It is unreasonable for these journalists and editors
to report stress suffered by children in Sderot but
not that of Palestinian children. Nor is it credible
that these reporters and opinion-formers cannot work
out that the ambience of extreme violence in which
Palestinian children live not only explains why they
sing songs that help them endure the terror they live
through, but also that it is the inevitable result of
Israel's criminal policies. It is impossible to
understand that the news is not the friendly Mickey
Mouse as a teaching aid for Palestinian kids, but
rather the terrifying Israeli soldier that shoots them
point blank.

So why then do they publish news as they do?Because
they are supporters of Israel, racist towards
Palestinians and anti-Islamic or all these at once.
Except to those unwilling to see, this is so obvious
that its demonstration has not even needed the mention
in this article of what some might say is fundamental:
that the Mickey Mouse news item is a fake. Its falsity
parallels the fraud used years ago to justify the
first attack on Iraq: that Iraqis were killing
newborns by tearing them from incubators. The daughter
of the Kuwaiti ambassador in the United States enjoyed
a universal audience to watch her weep as she related
this event, which existed entirely in her imagination.
The correction of her false witness was much more

The Palestinian Mickey Mouse story is yet one more of
the numerous lies disseminated by Israel and taken as
it stood by Western journalists. The translation of
the Mickey Mouse words, again, as happens with
statements about Israel attributed to Ahmedinejad and
in other cases too, is corrupt. But which news outlet
is going to ask for an explanation from the people who
distributed it? Which TV presenter is going to
publicly admit they were fooled? Which chief editor is
going to confess that they failed to check the -
obviously Israeli - source?


  • Mona,

    Do you really and truly stand behind what this article says?

    Do you really believe that Israeli soldiers are given orders to shoot innocent civilians?

    Do you really believe that shooting pregnant women is an IDF policy?

    Do you really believe that Israel has a genocide policy (equated in this article with nothing short of the Nazi version of the final solution)?

    I don't mean to sound judgmental or patronizing. You and your people are going through living hell. Adding oil to the fire by spreading vicious "truths" like in this article is going to help no one.

    The writer talks about balanced reportage. Is this his way of providing one?

    If the Palestinians children are taught hatred, then it's wrong. Same as Israeli/Jewish children taught hatred towards Arabs by certain factions in Israeli society is wrong. That is the only equation to be made in my eyes.

    He has 2 claims there, and he shoots his own foot when presenting both IMO -
    1. The Mickey Mouse incident was misrepresented because reporters (deliberately?) did not translate the text correctly. Fine - provide us with a better translation and show us how this was not teaching them hatred.

    2. The Mickey Mouse story was blown out of proportion, compared to the real wrongs of the Occupation. To which I reply, that I never heard of it before reading this blog post, so I don't think it was. Also, this contradicts the first claim that it was just an error in translation...

    I'm and Israeli and a Zionist. I am very critical of my country and my government's doings vis-a-vis the Palestinians. I think it's bad enough, immoral and inhumane enough as it is. Why add vehement descriptions that have little to do with reality and do nothing but incite the people of the conflict even more? For your daughter and my sons to have a chance at a better future, I think it's time to try something else.

    By Blogger IsraeliMom, at 5/24/2007 6:52 AM  

  • I come from a Malaysia where we are avowed supporters of all Non-Alligned Nations (which means Anti-West) and by default, we profess solidarity with the Palestinians. However, I must confess that it is becoming morally difficult to ignore that Palestinians seem to aggravate the problems in your land instead of striving like Gandhi for peace. Faror speaks vlumes of the hate that is in the hearts. With such hatred, how can anyone honestly say they ar striving for peace?

    By Blogger ow, at 5/25/2007 4:20 AM  

  • Israelimom my answer is YES!


    By Blogger herman, at 6/06/2007 4:41 PM  

  • Salaam Aleikum Mona.

    Unfortunately there is a mistake in your adres
    >>...more about children in Gaza (Palestinian children), please visit MECA website mecafor peace .org, it can tell you many beatifull stories about Gazan children...

    The right adress is:

    Bless you and your people,
    in Peace,

    By Blogger herman, at 6/06/2007 5:01 PM  

  • Your circumstances in Gaza sound terrifying; I have children of my own and can only offer deep sympathy and prayers that the situation will improve.

    To that end, I must agree with IsraeliMom that your blog entry does not appear to seek peace. With two sides castigating each other in self-righteous indignation rather than seeking a common basis for peace, Gazans are destined only for further suffering.

    Please understand that America is a plural nation and we all wish for a Middle East where Palestinian and Israeli children can grow up and work together to make their region healthy and prosperous.

    It surprises many of us that Palestinians appear not to understand the West. Resistance techniques such as those used by Gandhi and Martin Luther King would be extremely effective for advancing the Palestinian cause with Israelis, Americans, and EU. By contrast, when Palestinian "resistance" includes targeting civilian centers with rockets and bombs, the Palestinians lose the sympathy of most civilized nations (regardless of how justified the bombers may feel).

    I believe it would be greatly in Palestinian interest to change your tactics. Is it ever discussed in your circles?

    By Blogger LogicalDave, at 6/25/2007 6:38 AM  

  • LogicalDave,

    Obviously, this does not work! Just read the posts how children are killed.
    Kiting, or being on the beach, or their arms broken when they throw stones...

    Please give a clear suggestion how you mean to stop this bloodshed the Ghandi way. Please give some clear examples. It does not seem tho me that the occupiers here are as civilized as the British were in India.
    I read that now people in Gaza are coming with many together in a house that the occupier had said it will destroy with bombs or bulldozers. What else could they do to stop this bloodshed in a peaceful way...? To my opinion they tried everything!

    In Peace,


    By Blogger herman, at 7/02/2007 5:23 PM  

  • The solution to solve this problem is entirely in the hands of Israel's sponsors.

    They happen to be here in America and Britain. They are religious extremists whose extremism is so bad that they are only see Israel as a fulfillment of prophesy; it must be exclusively Jewish as per God's plan.

    As such, Palestinians don't belong there.

    As such, international law doesn't matter.

    Remember, the law only means what people in power says it means. (It didn't matter that the constitution said all men are equal. Black people were not equal till 60 years ago.)

    Not every politician believes this, but the number of people with such a mindset is so large, and they vote as a block on issues concerning Israel that if any politician challenges them, he/she will be voted out of office.

    This is the root of hatred of Palestinians.

    It isn't the power of the Zionist Lobby in America. This is the power of Christian religious extremism in America.

    Welcome to the new world order.

    The more you look at it, the more you begin to understand the problem; And consequently the solution.

    The solution is not a two state solution, but a one state solution. Because it is improbable that Israel will relinquish anything to Palestinians which remotely resembles a viable state. A viable prison, yes, but not a state.

    Initiative rests solely in the hands of the powerful in this case. Similar to the relationship between a slave and his master. The slave will be free only when the slave master reforms himself.

    Palestinians must demand their human rights in the meantime and compare their cause with others in history to learn from the past.

    If Palestinians behave like the Irish, with violence, there will be no desire to reconcile the underlying suffering which lead to the violence; There will only be the desire to wipe out the Palestinians.

    The Palestinian condition is unlike what Mandella and Ghandi experienced. So their model cannot be applied verbatim.

    Aparthied South Africa: at least the labor of blacks was needed. And the regime needed to get back in favor with international opinion.

    Britain in India: at least the British wanted to rule over the Indian subjects, and they were unwilling to commit "administrative massacres."

    African Americans Civil Rights: at least America by then recognized Black people as subjects. Separate but equal was the law at that time. Can Palestinians march as Martin Luther King did from city to city demanding their civil rights? On what basis does this leader demand his/her right to vote in Israel? Officially, Israel is a Jewish state. Only a token presence of non-Jews is tolerated, never on a scare which might one day challenge the Jewishness of the state. Even this last point may not be a Jewish invention, but an Armageddonist psychological operation waged against Jews so that they will one day have to either force Palestinians out or massacre them.
    In Israel, Palestinians in refugee camps are neither separate, nor equal. Their presence is not desired. Israel is encouraged to carry on with business as usual by the unipolar super-power. And it is encouraged to commit "administrative massacres."

    It is true that sometimes it doesn't work, but the odds right now are either that Palestinians change their expectations, face genocide, or face a life so miserable that they will choose to migrate elsewhere.

    In America, some pray for Palestinians to be massacred. Preferably on the plains of Armageddon. Just as extremist ministers say it should happen before Jesus returns. In fact they look at their watches and wonder what's taking all the Arab states so long to attack Israel - and face their defeat at Armageddon. The majority of America is not like that, but the loud minority is. It is motivated and organized enough that people are afraid to challenge them.

    What Palestinians need to realize is they just have to reach out to this majority.

    I believe this is what Martin Luther King did so well.

    But for a Martin Luther King type of personality to be possible inside Israel, Palestinians must become second class citizens of Israel first.

    They need to be recognized as people who belong in Israel but as second class -- without the right to vote. However, at present, they are considered non-existent, except as targets.

    What then is the situation of Palestinians similar to?

    It is like Indians in frontier America with its settlements, manifest destiny, reservations, Indian wars, and massacres. Except now, the Indians outnumber the settlers. This scenario makes the extremist ministers excited that a bloody Armageddon is looming.

    Which is the source of the trouble. The problem of Israel then, is not born out of conflict in the middle east, but it is born in the minds of its architects in Britain and America. And it is an ideological battle which must be fought in the fields of oration, penmanship, and persuasion.

    The alternatives are bleak.

    By Blogger paradigm, at 7/04/2007 9:19 PM  

  • Logical Dave says: It surprises many of us that Palestinians appear not to understand the West. Resistance techniques such as those used by Gandhi and Martin Luther King would be extremely effective for advancing the Palestinian cause with Israelis, Americans, and EU. By contrast, when Palestinian "resistance" includes targeting civilian centers with rockets and bombs, the Palestinians lose the sympathy of most civilized nations (regardless of how justified the bombers may feel).

    I believe it would be greatly in Palestinian interest to change your tactics. Is it ever discussed in your circles?

    6/25/2007 6:38 AM
    herman zei...


    Obviously, this does not work! Just read the posts how children are killed.
    Kiting, or being on the beach, or their arms broken when they throw stones...
    Logical dave, please look at this video, so you can see the Ghandi system does not work under Israeli occupation.
    The British could indeed be treated with peaceful resistance.

    Have a look ans see why it does not work in the occupied territories because of an other mentality of the Israeli occupier.

    in peace,


    By Blogger herman, at 7/06/2007 8:38 PM  

  • Paradigm: I appreciate your thoughtful response; it is one of the few that has not consisted of pure hatred and rhetoric. I respectfully disagree with you on many points, but am delighted that someone is willing to discuss issues and not just lob accusations and self-righteous indignation. Let me try to respond to the issues you raised:

    1) Armageddon-seeking Christian lobby in the US: a powerful, scary group...agreed.

    2) What exactly do you have in mind with a 1-state solution? I have a hard time envisioning such a solution that does not involve one side killing or displacing the other given the current level of conflict.

    3) While the situation in the middle east is obviously not *exactly* the same as that in India or South Africa or 1960s America. I would like to challenge your points:
    a) The British in India most assuredly committed administrative massacres of peaceful protesters on very large scales (read about the Amritsar Massacre).
    b) Many Israeli companies rely on Palestinian labor.
    c) Israel cares about international (and domestic) opinion, especially American opinion and most Americans and Israelis would not tolerate massacres.

    4) Token presence of non-Jews tolerated, administrative massacres...this is simply unreasonable rhetoric...Israel has a significant (~20%) Arab population and has not carried out massacres (administrative or otherwise) against them (although there is surely discrimination). Israel could have easily wiped out the entire population of Palestinian Arabs if they were so inclined. The occupation is brutal, but to my knowledge, there has never been an incident where hundreds or thousands of non-combatant Palestinians were rounded up and shot...that is an administrative massacre. It is counter-productive to continue to use this kind of rhetoric.

    5) The situation in Israel/Palestine is not similar to frontier America except in the minds of a minority of right-wing fanatical Jews and right-wing fanatical Muslims (both of which seek to wipe out the other and take all of their land).

    Palestinians would do well to appeal to the sane majority of Israelis and Americans by demonstrating a desire to live side-by-side in peace (and maybe even a fully integrated country).

    To do this, they need to do exactly what Gandhi and Mandella did:
    a) show the Israelis that occupation is uncivilized (the Israelis want to think of themselves as civilized).
    b) Refuse to cooperate (don't go to work for Israeli companies, stage peaceful protests and marches)
    c) offer a reasonable solution.

    This would be hard for the majority of Israelis and Americans to reject. It would be far more effective than killing school children, blowing up planes, etc. which eventually hardens both the Israeli and American mainstream to the plight of Palestinians and empowers the radicals on both sides.

    I challenge you to read about the situation Gandhi faced in Colonial India and I think you will find that the situations had a great many similarities. One important difference is that the solution Gandhi offered (the British leaving India) was viable. The Palestinians will need to offer a different solution since the Israelis have nowhere else to go. Do you have any ideas?

    By Blogger LogicalDave, at 7/22/2007 6:40 AM  

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