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Friday, April 20, 2007

occupation did not defeat Mansour -cancer will not

Occupation did not defeat Mansour - neither will cancer

My friend Mansour Thabet, Abu Ghassan, is a political prisoner. He spent
19 years in Israeli jails. His big "error" was to say "no" to the
Israeli occupation, just like all the Palestinian people who have always
said "no" to the occupation, each in his or her own way.

Now he is out of prison, but suffering from colon cancer and its
aftermath. His right leg was amputated due to a rare complication of
chemotherapy, deep venous thrombosis. Mansour was its victim.

But in Gaza there is always more to the story.

In Gaza hospitals lack proper and adequate chemotherapy, because of the
embargo and sanctions and closure of border crossings. Mansour was denied
a permit to enter Israel for treatment because of his jail record. Leaving
Gaza via the Palestinian Egyptian border is a big ordeal and an uncertain
route, but he might succeed in taking this option for further treatment

Mansour is a father, with one son and 5 daughters.

I visited him in the hospital. He was frail but smiling, and I was
inspired by his full determination and strong will. He was very
enthusiastic in pursuing his very successful important project (new
horizons for the children) in the Nusseirat refugee camp. There you can
meet dozens of young smiling Palestinian kids dancing, singing, painting,
reading and dreaming of a better future. They can tell you their great
grandparents' stories of their villages and life in Palestine before 1948,
when Palestinians were forced out by a big Zionist colonial plan to compel
indigenous people to leave their homes.

In less than 3 weeks Israel will celebrate its independence day.
Palestinians will commorate what happened in 1948, they will tell their
children again and again about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Is it just that Palestinian patients have had to suffer twice, from their
own illness and then from the Occupation whose rules and regulations
people of their humanity and dignity?

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  • I just wanted to let you know I'm always really moved by your posts.

    By Blogger الفلسطينية, at 4/21/2007 2:55 AM  

  • just im trying to practice being in this field

    By Blogger talal, at 4/21/2007 5:14 PM  

  • just trying to practice participating

    By Blogger talal, at 4/21/2007 5:16 PM  

  • Well,I guess its a good chance to say Hi to Aunt Mona ...Its been very long time since we first met.
    I was attracted with what you wrote about your friend Mansour..i just wanted to add that he is not only your friend but also a firend of millions of quarters of people. I can clearly recall how active he was when we once celebrate a summer camp in Al-Nour Center for Disable children -UNRWA\Gaza n how much he was loved from all the kids there .. how much helpfull he was.
    One more thing i want to share about being a prisoner in Isreali Jails as i went throught it somwhow since i was 3 monthes when my Dad had been arrested in 1985 and stayed 15 years there fighting for the freedom for our nation and for a better future for our childrens, I know how painful it is to go through this experiance..but in the same time i can surly say how pround he is to be one of the freedom fighters who went through this ...
    Now ... i can say .. those who suffer alot has the right to be happy ..for all the hard times we went through.. we should keep smiling .. for the sake of our children and for the sake of ourselves as well ..
    Let us unite our prays for the sake of our beloved friend Mansour and his children and to work hard to make'em smile..
    I'm Speachless but i have to do something useful for our people who suffer almost every single day ..God bless you

    By Blogger haneenjw, at 4/22/2007 12:52 PM  

  • My shout out to those people who fight for the future of the next generation(s). The foundations of the future of our world... I am truly amazed.
    Michel (17 years old)

    By Blogger Michel, at 4/23/2007 11:39 AM  

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