From Gaza, with Love

Sunday, April 29, 2007

welcome new blogger from Gaza refujees camps

Dear all
iam glad to introduce the new blogger, from Annusierat refugee camp in the middle of the gaza strip , he is the New horizon organisation vice president , he dedicates all his time, with the other members of the organisation , for the promotion and develpoment of the children of the camp via different educational , entertainment ,activities ,painting , writing , reading dancing , and above all keeping the land cause so deep inside thier hearts and souls, when you visit the place ,as i usualy do, you can meet smiling little faces amongst the misery and unsuitable circumstances , where immoral occupation and 5 decades of living outside homeland ,didnot succeed to let them, forget the great injustice of the colonial isarel foundation on the ruins of Palestine , you feel the warmth of the place , and the love and dedication for huminatarian causes

welcome mr. Abushawish to the palestinian bloggers board , being a novelist , iam sure he will be regular and interesting writer .
from gaza with love


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