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Saturday, March 31, 2007

the beduin vilage umnaser disaster

The beduin village –north of jabalia refugees camp
Thursday 30th of March 31, 2007
Today I revisited the camp of the displaced families of the village , with the crisis intervention team of the Red crescent society for Gaza strip , a team consist of , , 2 community health educators , and a psychologist , the aim of the visit is to evaluate the social , health and psychological different needs of the displaced families, and to plan the right intervention programme later on ,to support the families and to show solidarity with the community.
I met tens of children , as well as some huminatarian aid organizations , I visited the mobile clinics of union of health work committees as well as the medical relief committees ,
A lot of work need to be done for this community of 5000 population , where poverty , is prevelant , and the population suffers as well as most residents of Gaza , when the local councils budgets are scarce ( half of the PA budget comes from Palestinian government tax revenue, that is hold by Israel ,) and while the westren embargo continues the local councils warned of anticiptated environmental disasters few days prior to the swege system collapse ,this swege blant that shouldnot be so close to this residential area,those people poverty forced them to be in such slum area , they did not have other choice
Life continues in my country , occupation, no law order , poverty , interclashes ,paralysed national unity government


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