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Saturday, March 31, 2007

poverty and occupation

The beduin village –north of jabalia refugees camp
Thursday 30th of March 31, 2007
Today I visited the camp of the displaced families of the village , accamppanied by the RC Society crisis intervention team , the team consist of , , 2 community health educators , a psychologist and a social worker , the aim of the visit is to evaluate the social , health and psychological different needs of the displaced families, and to plan the right intervention programme later on ,to support the families and to show solidarity with the community.
I met tens of children , as well as some huminatarian aid organizations , I visited the mobile clinic of the union of health work committees , where tens of children received medical check up,for mainly gastroentritis , upper respiratoty infections as well as cut wounds and trauma symptoms
A lot of work need to be done for this community of 5000 population , where poverty , is prevelant , and the population suffers as well as most residents of Gaza , when the local councils budgets are scarce ( half of the PA budget comes from Palestinian government tax revenue, that is hold by Israel ,) and while the westren embargo continues the local councils warned of anticiptated environmental disasters few days prior to the swege system collapse ,this swege blant that shouldnot be so close to this residential area,those people poverty forced them to be in such slum area , they did not have other choice

Life continues in my country , occupation, westren sanctions , no law order , interclasshes, ,paralysed national unity government and cruel poverty that affects the whole population , but is too harsh on women and children



  • "half of the PA budget comes from Palestinian government tax revenue, that is hold by Israel "

    Why does Israel hold the tax revenues? Isn't it because the elected Hamas withdrew from the previously signed agreements and denounced the existence of this state? If this organization publicly anounces the fight the occupation with 'all means', can anyone expect that the other side will remain by pure diplomacy?
    In my opinion, the authority of Palestinian Autonomy should finally understand that the way of military confrontation leads only to more suffering of the nation. Your current authority is co-responsible for the suffering...

    Btw I doubt about this 'half'. Tax revenues are 60 mln USD/month, that means 720 bln USD. The total GDP, taken from the World Factbook CIA, is 3.45 bln USD. So the tax revenues would amount to 20%, not a half.

    Best regards, Chris

    By Blogger Krzysztof, at 4/01/2007 2:08 PM  

  • I was not very happy when I realize you did not publish my good comment about reinhard.

    I believe this will be my last comment in this Blog.

    I was born in a dictatorship , in a political regime in wich only some could talk .

    A blog in wich only some point of views are published does deserve to have comments.

    I could not care less if you publish that comment or not.
    I saved it and I will publish it in my own blog.

    (Actually I also saved my last comment - the one who was not published - and also published it).

    As I wrote I am not stupid and I feared you would not published the comment I had done.

    Since the comment was rather good, I published it in my blog.

    Believe it or not , I am someone who does think everyone should live in peace .
    After all we are all one mankind.

    Palestinians ( and muslims) have been brainwashed.

    Arabs did not accept the creation of Israel, vowed to destroy the jewish state and attacked Israel in 15 may ,1948.

    You forget all that and in turn claim that were the israelis that expelled the arabs.

    Israelis welccomed the creation of and Arab State and a Jewish State.

    It was the arabs that tried to expell the jews.

    example 2

    Palestinians dont recognize Israel.

    Mona Wrote:

    Solution :/ ..../Palestinians and Israelis in one democratic state - this is the long term strategic solution for the areas stability.When the time comes that Israel realises the immorality of its existence at the expense of others then that is the time when the Palestinians can enjoy the political stability, and law and order, to prove to the world their ability to contribute to the prosperity of the area .

    From a report of the ( zionist ) palestinian media watch :

    PMW has found that the new 12th grade Palestinian schoolbooks make no attempt to educate for peace and coexistence with Israel. Indeed, the opposite is true: The teachings repeatedly reject Israel's right to exist, present the conflict as a religious battle for Islam, teach Israel’s founding as imperialism, and actively portray a picture of the Middle East, both verbally and visually, in which Israel does not exist at all.".

    Your sentence just confirmed what Zionists claim.
    Inside your heart you dont accept Israel.
    You dont accept your neighbour.

    As long as palestinians do not accept israel peace wont come.

    This is sad but I am not God.
    I cant save palestinians from themselves and from their hate towards Israel.

    How to ensure next generation live in peace ?

    Reply :

    We ensure the next generation will live in peace ( and harmony ) teaching every small child that his or her neighbours are nasty , evil, zionist thiefs.

    Welcome to the Midleast ( the only place on earth where evil and innocence live side by side .Next to the innocent palestinians millions of nasty , evil zionist live their lives.

    The ones responsible for the suffering in the middle east are not those who live in Haifa or Tel Aviv.
    The ones responsible for the human suffering are those who believe in the right to hate their neighbour .
    The ones who are responsible for war are those who brainwash childrens minds ensuring that one more generation of palestinians will hate will hate the " Zionists".

    The ones responsible are those who point the finger at Israel not realizing the source of the problem in not Israel but the hatred against israel.

    You and a neighbour are at war.

    You are at war with your neighbour because he is there.., or you are at war with him because you hate each other?

    The problem are not the Israelis.

    The problem is the hate against the Israelis.

    As long as hearts are full of hate war will come.

    As long as war will come everyone will suffer.

    (But the palestinians and other people are not prepared for this message of peace).

    The very proof was Sadat murder.

    When he tried to make peace he was shot.

    Transcript of nice pali video

    My homeland
    My land is very pretty
    It has forests, stone houses and a sea
    My homeland
    My land is very pretty
    It has hills, lemon and olive trees
    I live in my village
    My village in my homeland
    My homeland is so pretty
    My village is in it
    There are Grandma's stories
    Mothers songs
    The smell of a fig tree
    And the aroma of jasmine
    There are blue skies
    And a light breeze

    Do you know what happened in '48?
    They took everything
    They burned the room
    The houses they broke
    The forests they destroyed
    The village they erased
    The names they changed
    They changed the names

    My homeland, her name is Palestine

    I'm Salem from Kfar Kassem
    I'm Amad from Nablus
    I'm Nur from Jerusalem
    I'm Mona from Sha'ab
    Omar from Acre
    Omar from Haifa
    Salwa from Nablus
    Ali from Birwa
    Wisam from Tira
    [PA TV, 1998 - 2006, repeatedly]

    By Blogger solitarioh2005, at 4/03/2007 3:04 AM  

  • Why don't you ever mention the state of Islam and Muslims there? Are you secular?

    By Blogger samer, at 4/03/2007 7:20 PM  

  • I feel compelled to respond to your blog. I want to let you know that the Palestinian people are in our thoughts and that the ordinary people of England wish for a speedy peaceful resolution to the internal issues facing Palestine. The lifting of the EU political embargo and the formation of an independant Palestinian state.

    Apart from showing my support I feel powerless and useless. But I want you to know that you do have friends around the world. The work you do is so important and unfortunatly so nessecery. Thank you, please do not lose hope.

    Martin Brennan

    By Blogger martsmarts, at 4/06/2007 12:52 PM  

  • Israeli army kills Palestinian militant

    An Israeli helicopter launched an airstrike along the
    Gaza Strip's border with
    Israel early Saturday, killing a Palestinian militant and wounding two others, officials said.

    The army said it carried out the airstrike after spotting "suspicious movement" in the area. It said militants had been spotted planting explosives there two days earlier.

    The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a small militant group, said the militants were "on a holy mission" when they were hit by the Israeli force.

    My comment

    One more palestinian killed near the fence .

    Why did he got killed ? Because there is no peace.
    The person killed today was a child 15 , or 20 years ago.

    Children learn israel is guilty of great crimes.

    Intelectuals blame Israel always claiming palestine is under occupation".

    Having been reared in such a society young people kill themselves.

    This is a process that will never stop.

    If you feed children with hostility when such children will grow they will blow themselves ( Or became graduates blaming Israel for all evils).

    By Blogger solitarioh2005, at 4/07/2007 9:08 AM  

  • Mona - I'm with you .. ALWAYS! Pls. check my blog

    ... you're one of the five recipients of the "Thinking Blogger Award"! KUDOS!!!

    By Blogger I love Munich, at 4/11/2007 7:24 AM  

  • Dear Mona,

    I found this link on youtube. Would it be something to put on your webblog?

    sallaam aleikum,


    By Blogger herman, at 4/17/2007 3:07 PM  

  • israel continues to withhold taxes levied against the palestinain population... for this reason (among others) they cannot even being to argue that gaza is no longer under israeli control.

    very nice blog - i will be checking in. i added a link to your on my own news/commentary blog.


    By Blogger kris, at 4/17/2007 8:50 PM  

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