From Gaza, with Love

Monday, April 10, 2006

that is how American Gov. violates democracy

,American and European way of Democracy violation
>From Gaza with love
Salamat from Gaza
The humanitarian situation in Palestine is going downhill rapidly. Thisweekend 14 Palestinians were killed and 30 injured in Israeli missileattacks on Gaza. Karni crossing is still closed which has stopped theflow of goods into the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government has imposed a complete blockade of Gaza and the West Bank, and cut off all relationswith the Occupied Territories.
I am highly concered about the health situation in general and children's health in particular
.I do believe that this is the right time for all of you to react in solidarity with Palestinian people under occupation, organising demonstrations, writing to your MPs etc... whatever activities you decide are appropriate to support us.Please show your solidarity as you have always done.Palestinian people should not suffer collective punishment for their choice of Hamas. They should not be punished for voting against corruption, occupation and American policies in the Middle East.
The sanctions against the Palestinian people I simply call:
In solidarity
,Mona El Farra
Red Crescent Society for gaza strip--


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