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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Israeli military army rolling into North of Gaza

Dear all

To those who send very long and offensive comments BUT NOT DEMORALISING AT ALL, sorry I don't have the time to read it , so please save your time and energy , I'm very busy with the humanitarian situation here ,trying all the time to offer the most I can for my community and I need to focus ,beside the fact that I need to keep my laptop charged.

it seems that the Israeli military operation escalating,1.30 pm our local time , casualties started to reach the AlAwda hospital(Jabalia refujee camp) ,the hospital medical team received 13 civilians seriously injured and 2 dead militia men
the hospital 3 operating rooms worked with its full capacity , for continuous 5 hours,
I was told by Mr. Abusaada ,one of our ambulance drivers that,they evacuated the injured under heavy fire,Mr. abusaada , told that they were working under fire ,I always think of him and others and how they work under the most difficult cirumstances , the worse ,he faced when he evacuated the Galia family from the beach 3 weeks ago, today he told me , he was not allowed to reach one of the injured , who bled on the ground for at least half an hour (when one mitue can make a difference for bleeding case ) ,before passing away , other hospitals received 15 injured civilians as well , different ages ,no children,were hurt in this incident , I hope I will not give news about dead or injured children,
15 Palestinians were killed today in Gaza strip during the early hours of the morning.
my main concern now is to find away to get medications and medical supplies through the borders ,into Gaza , the hospital medical resources is exhausted, the borders are completely sealed,some very crucial medications are lacking.
,the Rafah borders in the south ,was opened today for 3 hours , there are at least 2000 Palestinians on the Egyptian side ,waiting to enter Gaza , they have been waiting since last Sunday , when the summer rain operation started,internationals were asked to leave Gaza,via Eretz checkpoint , that was opened for 2 hours only(for us here in Gaza this is alarming sign),karni checkpoint (the commercial checkpoint) was opened to let in some stuff for 4 hours,may be to let in more candles , transistors and torches,

it seems that this business is booming in Gaza those days , on my way back from the hospital , I could see people queuing to purchase candles

Mona ElFarra


  • Hang in there Mona,

    Help is on the Way the international community has put forth a plan to bring Observers into Gaza.

    We just need the Israeli governments ok.

    Gods watching over the people of Palestine.
    And were praying for and END to this silliness.

    ps. sorry for some of the long rants nut I've found it a good chance to get botyh sides into the open for proper discussion.

    By Anonymous Neutralsam, at 7/06/2006 9:59 PM  

  • mona:

    new UN humans rights council seems to have sided with palistine and refered to israel as "occupied arab tertories" in their first meeting in geneva. their resolution to the "offencive" calls for israel to release prisoners and withdraw.

    hopefully they (the UN) will get the medicine that you guys need . so your patients can live to fight another day... right..maybe live to become suside bombers/ martyrs or something.

    or maybe instead of trying to fight off israeli tanks ... whoever is holding the israli soldier can release him so the IDF will withdraw and mona doesn't have to worry about rockets in her friends building. -just a thought...

    does anyone think that the UN HRC will do anything anyway? or are they all talk?

    i seriously hope that they at least bring in medicine.

    By Anonymous sea, at 7/06/2006 10:54 PM  

  • Mona, I am very happy these idiotic comments of some individuals do NOT demoralize nor discourage you and you are able to simply shrug them off or not even read them at all!

    I am continuously trying to get as many as possible updates with yours being the most actual of course - and certainly the most REALLY competent .. please keep updating us as often as possible!

    We are with you in this nightmare and it seems, the UN starts to wake up from their hibernation or paralysis .. depending on how one might see that - and condemming the incursion or the so tastlessly called "summer rain-operation"! May I ask .. what meds are you lacking most?

    You're not alone Mona ... hang in there and continue to be strong!! Give Sonsos a BIG hug ... and tell her, there's someone far away who loves her very much!!
    If I knew only how to help ..

    By Blogger I love Munich, at 7/06/2006 11:01 PM  

  • Thinking of you and your children. The fear of the bombings and violence must be immeasurable. Keep strong. I will pray for you. Love to you and your kids.

    By Anonymous One mother to another, at 7/07/2006 12:46 AM  

  • go italy!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/07/2006 12:52 AM  

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