From Gaza, with Love

Friday, August 17, 2007

lectures in children centers

just would like to let you know , that i visited all our children projectsin Gaza
Alasria center -jabalia
raechel Chorie -Rafah
Afaq Jadida-Nussierat camp
Never stop dreaming -Khanyunis

i met tens of children , , different ages ,6-15 years old , i saw them reading , writing ,painting , dancing playing...etc....
i gathered them all in the diffrent centers i visited, and the staff too, and i simply talked about my visit to the USA , my reflections, my future hopes , i talked to them about the wonderfull people i met in the state , and how much thier solidarity means to us here in the occupied isolated Gaza .
i transfred a messege of peace love and solidarity from you all
the children were so excited and showered me with questions , the meetings went all well
i think it was so important educational meeting too to our Palestinian children , who feel lonely isolated and forgotten
i said no you are not alone, and one day people will make the change in thier goverment policies
when we all work together justice will prevail, peace based on justice is our Goal.


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