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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Palestinian NGOS handed letter to the UN High Commissioner For Human Rights


Her Excellancy
Ms. Louise Arbour,,,,
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

With respect and appreciation:

The Union of Palestinian Non-governmental Organizations would like to express its sincere welcome for your visit to the Occupied Palestinian territories which corresponds with more escalations and assaults by the Israeli Occupation Forces against civilian people and objects.

Your visit is extremely essential to us as we were anticipating it for a long period of time and in fact demanded it frequently particularly during times of the continuation of Israeli Forces grave violations of international human rights and all international conventions. Your visit comes in times the Human Rights Council endorsed sending a fact-finding mission to the Occupied Territories to investigate the massacre of Beit Hanoun that was committed by the Israeli Occupation Forces, which was not the first in the bloody history of Israeli Occupation.

We call upon you today to call for international protection for Palestinian people and to pressure the Occupation of Israel to halt its crimes and assaults on Palestinians, and to work diligently to impose sanctions on the Israeli Occupation Forces as well as follow the Israeli war crime perpetrators and bring them before justice.

Additionally, we call upon you to lift the imposed siege and the unfair international sanctions imposed on the Palestinian people, who are suffering tremendously as a result of aggravation in their economical, social, health, and humanitarian conditions as a result of the unprecedented increase in unemployment and poverty.

Moreover, we call upon you to genuinely pressure the Israeli Occupation government to release the confiscated tax revenue money of Palestinians as well as lifting the economical siege imposed by the occupation authorities on the whole OPT.

We would like to indicate that our people in the West Bank are suffering tremendously particularly with the continuation of building the discrimination and apartheid wall and blockade and confiscation of land as well as enlargement of settlements and other grave violations that the Israeli Occupation Forces commit. For this, we need an immediate and genuine intervention to rescue the international law and human rights conventions, particularly the conventions that call for protection of Palestinian civilians.

We also appeal to you to work on releasing all Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Occupation jails, especially political leaders, Ministers, Legislative Council members, and children & women.

We would like to appeal to you to send special UN Rapourtuers to the Occupied Palestinian Territories in order to witness first hand the Israeli Occupation Forces blatant violations committed against all Palestinian people sectors.

We also call upon you for more actions in terms deployment of International human rights observers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories including Jerusalem, similar to what is happening in many areas of the world such as Darfour in Sudan.

We call upon you to activate the role of the Human Rights High Commissioners Office in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as we view that it is vital to develop its programs and provide it with more experiences and resources that are appropriate to the mission of the High Commissioner Office for the protection of human rights. Such resources are also vital for the duties that we expect from the High Commissioner Office to perform in the OPT.

We hope that your visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories will be the first of visits that will be inciting hope for many victims of war crimes, committed by the Israeli occupation Forces against our besieged people living in the biggest prison of the world.

We also would like to mention that we look forward for more roles of the OHCHR in our Arab region, particularly in Lebanon and Iraq who are confronting tyrant occupations.

Lastly, we would like to welcome you and we are full of hope and trust that you will do your utmost efforts to support the fair rights of our Palestinian people who are looking for their freedom and independence.

Please accept our sincere appreciation and gratitude

Union of Palestinian Non-Governmental Network


  • Mona despite the vocal Israeli lobby here in Canada, as well as our neoConservative minority government, I am hopeful that Louise Arbour will display and make active the attitudes which I believe are shared by most Canadians - a majority of us want Palestinians to be enabled and empowered to live in peace and build 'normal' lives.
    I'm hopeful that she'll further this aim in a genuine manner, and timely - so that another generation does not know what it means to live under opression.

    By Blogger Amelopsis, at 11/23/2006 12:40 AM  

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