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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

another attack against Beit Hanoun Vilage

this morning 6.30 am , army tanks on the east of the vilage fired missiles against some homes of Beit Hanoun vILAGHE ,the outcome was disasterous , 11, members opf one family were killed , total death toll is 22 , and may increase in the next hoyurs , the injuries are serious and very critical , including many women and children

here in Palestine we have the choice of dying or continuing to refuse injustice , and struggle to reach our national inaleinable goals

the international community knows verwell what is the Geneva fourth covintion , no need to remind you of civilians protection in war and peace time

Israel new geneva convintion intrepretation is kill more and more of civilians

alawda hospital -jabalia


  • I feel so sick of these horrors. About 15 years ago I met a young Israeli who boasted to me about having killed Palestinians. This event and reading Primo Levi really made me adamant in my support of the Palestinian cause. Good luck with your work.

    By Blogger jamie, at 11/08/2006 5:19 PM  

  • Mona, I don't know what to say anymore! Each time I think it can't get worse anymore - it reaches a new dimension of horror and pain! What happened in Beit Hanoun is genocide in the worst possible form, utter disregard of life, excessive cruelty and horror - horror - horror!!

    I feel so terrible for the people there, so sad, terribly sad - and ANGRY!! Where are UN, EU, Arab League?? What about Bush .. he finds an excuse for that as well as he he does for EVERYTHING Israel does and says he is "sorry"???
    If they won't do something substantial RIGHT AWAY to stop these killers - they are AS GUILTY as the ones who execute these crimes against humanity and are directly responsible for it!!

    BY GOD ... De Hague is waiting - I want to see them ALL there, one by one ... SOON!!!!

    By Blogger I love Munich, at 11/08/2006 7:41 PM  

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