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Friday, November 03, 2006

food aid distribution in Gaza

i received a question by (the road less travelled) asking for my comment regarding the food distribution in Gaza, here is my comment and iam sorry for the delay , i was highly distressed by the situation and focussed on practrical support for my community , and that drained alot of my time and efforts , beside the electricity inconvenience and lastly my email was not functioning for 10 days , proplem with the server , i do appologise again .

there are many aid orgs works in Gaza both local and international ,
the local and international are working with its high capacity ,via different organisations eg red crescent society , union of health work committees , pader , asalah org,islamic releif ,middle east council of churches dove and dolphin , middleast children allience(MECA), the Unrwa , World Food Programme and some more , those orgs have high level of coordination i mean the highest possible in Gaza under the current circamstances ,
there are big obstacles that faces those orgs ,the most important are the borders closure and lack of good storing circumstances on the borders, this affects both the food as well as medications ,and makes the food supplies irregular , specialy when we are talking about apopulation of 1.6million 70%of it depend on aid at the moment.
the civil society orgs are working continously to meet the population needs , and despite the seige and non stop military actions against palestinian people , social solidarity proved to be strong way of resisting occupation and sanctions , international solidarity is another way of resisting occupation.

in solidarity


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