From Gaza, with Love

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gaza Update

hello friends
thanks alot for encourging me to write again , iam realy sorry ,that i let u down by not writing regularly , i have not written since 10th of september 2007thanks for your encourging comments
during Ramadan month (fasting month of moslems of Palestine )i was very busy coordinating relief fund , i managed as head of local committee ,to distribute money vouchers for 1000 families ,in diffrent prts of Gaza strip , i have wonderful collegues who help me to reach those families ,a sa team i think we have succeeded , to reach the most poor and needy , in less than a week all the work was done , but the people needs are larger than our capacity , so our work coplement other orgs and groups who works in this field .
it is realy sad to tell you that poverty level has increased in Gaza to unprecented levels ,with the embargo and economical seige , food staples prices has increased , this is the talk of people at the moment ,beside that Israel announced its implementation of the more strict seige and cutt off basic supplies and fuel , medications and medical supplies are big problem, many essential medications are lacking in the pharmacies , detergents too , patients who need to be refered for treatment abroad are denied permit to leave the country ,
according to international law we are occupied by Israel , and this put responsibility on Israel to Guarantee the supplies for the civilians of Gaza , but what Israel is doing is COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT which again is big crime according to international law .THE WORLD IS SILENT I KNOW WE ALL FEEL THAT IN GAZA, we try to survive to help eachothe rto continue living and not to collapse the burden is big the responsibility of us , who work in huminatarian field is large , we should not give up ,we canot afford to give up .
a national committee to break the siege has been formulated in Gaza , iam member of that comittee , it includes many civil society organisations and some aactive public figures, we r working hard to let the world hear our vioces , with the help of great ntworking of groups and organisations world wide , people who believe in our rights and who work in serious way to tell the whole world ,that what is happening in Palestine at the moment , has gone too far in human rights violation

i told u about the seige and the ebargo and economical sanctions ,but i need to remind u all that Israeli military operations are continous

i love u all
and again thanks for encourging me to write , it makes me feel that iam human , it makes me feel iam alive and in real contact with the real world

fromgaza with love
Mona ElFarra


  • stay safe and strong, my dear. The world is watching and listening.

    By Blogger jarvenpa, at 10/31/2007 10:37 PM  

  • Dear Mona. Please please continue to write. I missed you when you were here in Seattle. I hope to see you in Gaza next year when I visit. I agree with you. The sanctions are a gross violation of human rights and the world should not be silent.

    Fondly, Amineh

    By Blogger Amineh Ayyad, at 11/01/2007 6:00 AM  

  • Masha Allah for this blog! I read a few entries and im inspired to read everything! However I do feel helpless.

    I would love to know -What can we as muslim sisters living outside Gaza do for Palestine and the our brothers and sisters within? What can we as bloggers do?

    slmz and love

    By Blogger Hylescence, at 11/01/2007 12:19 PM  

  • @ Mona
    You are not alone! We are writing in the Netherlands to many blogs and people. To the Dutch and israeli government, To the UN etc. I will try to let as many people as possible know how your people are suffering.
    Anja Meulenbelt just has been in Gaza with NCCR. As a Dutch senator she could get into Gaza.
    Unfortunately most of her blog is in Dutch.
    Today 4-11-07
    She writes:
    QUOTE "Passed Erez (again it was not funny) passed Ben Gurion, tried to reach you on the phone to say I’m through.
    I’ll be back soon, Insha’ Allah, as always my heart is heavy when I leave, and part of my soul stays with you always." END QUOTE

    Whenever I can be of help please let me know! Though I heard that as an ordinary person unfortunately it is impossible for me to enter Gaza to help someway.
    Peace! herman

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11/04/2007 10:09 PM  

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