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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gaza sinks into darkness

Gaza today
iam extremely worried about the power cut off . more than 50%of Gaza elecrtricity is AlAwda hospital , we have enough of fuel to run our alternative electrical generators for one week . all hospital are threatened to stop of its surgical operations and diffrent medical services .if the situation will continue .
many essential medications are lacking on the hospital shelves,
i expect the poverty level to increase to unprecented level.
Ordinary Palestinian people pay the price of the occupation , thier democratic choice and bwilderement of thier leaders.
i promise u that i shall work hard with my team to help people . with your support and solidarity we can do alot

Mona elfarra

Outrage over Gaza power cut
GAZA CITY: A Palestinian company cut off power to parts of the central Gaza Strip yesterday after Israel closed a crossing through which fuel is brought into the Palestinian area.

Several neighbourhoods of Gaza City were blanketed in darkness a few hours after the Gaza Generating Company, which supplies the strip with about 25 per cent of its electricity, said it would turn off three of its four generators.

The remainder of Gaza's electricity needs is supplied by Israel, Egypt and private electricity generators.

"For two days we have not received fuel," said chairman of the Gaza Generating Company Rafik Malikha.

"The Israeli side is preventing vehicles from approaching the crossing."

He warned that if fuel was not delivered into the impoverished territory before tomorrow morning, "electricity production will stop entirely."

An Israeli army spokesman confirmed that deliveries of fuel had been stopped "for security reasons."

"More than 1.4 million litres of fuel crossed from Israel into the Gaza Strip through Nahal Oz" between Sunday and Wednesday, the spokesman said.

Malikha urged "the European Union and the Palestinian Authority to intervene as this will have negative consequences for Gaza, especially for hospitals."

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