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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My visit to Attar Family 11.7.2006

Dear all
I feel emotionally strained, after visiting the Attar family, in Beit Lahia village North of Gaza, it was my second visit, I went there with 2 of my colleagues with some little presents for the kids, 50 kids received little parcels donated from MECA for peace (USA people).
The Israeli army reoccupied the village, for continuous 3 days, it was part of its military operation in Gaza, during these three days, the army made great damage into this family 3 storey building, before occupying it, to use the roof as a base for snipers, 40 members of this extended family were kept in one room, unable to go out for 3 continuous days, with no water no electricity, I was told, that the whole family were forced to get out of their house, they stayed in the very hot afternoon sun, for 4 hours at least,infront of their house, then they were kept in that room, for three days, I met 40 children ,5 at least are infants and a twins, feeding those babies was big problem(you can see some of the photos in previous bog).
I met 7members of this family, with visual impairment disability,
It broke my heart, when I asked the grandfather of this extended family, why do you think they have chosen your home? He answered me simply, I only have children and people with special needs, I am soft target, he did not know that his house position is strategic location for snipers, it lies on a hill that overview the whole village, it is just right place for snipers,
One of the small girls hold my hand, and said: look there, we were in the sun for long period, next to the donkey place, it was hot I was thirsty, my baby brother was crying, and I was terrified, I wet my pants,
What happened with this family is happening everyday in Gaza, with different shapes, those children will suffer from PTSS, and waiting for years ahead to be healed, as an outcome the hatred will grow, inside themselves, with painful memories, I
I handed the gifts to the kids, telling them it is from American people who care, and thinking of you, they are not the American government that helps this army to have free hand in our country,

I always think of the safety of the Israeli kids and civilians, and I am totally against hurting civilians, but I do believe that the comparison of suffering is unfair, and not objective, I have an offer for Israel to send 1.5 million Israelis to live in Gaza, under those circumstances!!!!!!!
, Any way both of us suffer, it is an outcome of injustice and occupation

In love and solidarity

Ps while writing, my daughter shouted with joy, electricity is on, we did not have power for continuous 24 hours. and another family in the middle of Gaza is appealing via the local radio for help, they are trapped with the same situation of attar family and ,a woman gave birth while under siege


  • Mona, dear, I can well imagine HOW emotinally drained you must be ... you're living a nighmare and can't wake up from it!
    Believe me I pray every evening for you to remain strong, for the people of Gaza - for ALL people who suffer from oppression, torture, humiliation and occupation!
    I feel most terrible for the children ... what a trauma they suffer, what hatred they will inevitably live with!

    It is wonderful you hand out little gifts for the kids to understand they are NOT forgotten and that there are people who DO CARE and love them very much! Please tell the children that ... it is soooo important!
    STAY STRONG Mona ... I'm sending you and Sondos a BIG HUG!! I'm supporting you all the way - just HANG IN THERE!!!:)

    By Blogger Karin, at 7/13/2006 2:35 PM  

  • My dear, thank you for your truthful and clear and heartwrenching accounts. I wish that things were better. Here we woke to news that Israel is now also attacking Lebanon (and talking about Syria and Iran as well).
    There is little I can say that makes a difference; but I pray for your safety, and that of your family, and all children, elders, everyone--no matter who they may be.

    By Blogger jarvenpa, at 7/14/2006 12:53 AM  

  • Hello Dr. Mona,
    Thank you for keeping a blog in this most dreadful time. As you say, no one should suffer and it was not right to kidnap the Israelis, but the suffering on the Palestinian side is so much more profound, long and constant. Of course Israel is creating more hatred by the minute with its actions and bombings of Gaza, Lebanon, and what's next? ANyways, please stay safe and I'll be waiting for new posts on your blog.
    In solidarity,

    By Blogger ana├»s, at 7/14/2006 5:59 PM  

  • Dear Amto ,

    This is Dalia - I have been trying to call you all for a while - but haven't been able to get through..

    Thank god for this blog - it let's me know that you're all ok..

    Please keep posting and let me know how teta and the rest of the fmaily are doing..

    Your Niece, Dalia

    By Blogger Dalia, at 7/16/2006 7:31 AM  

  • Of course there are reasons to feel immense sadness for the suffering of the Palestinian people. A loved parent, spouse, or child killed or maimed or imprisoned - what could be worse. But the only way peace can ever be achieved is to understand the plight of the "enemy" and be willing to negotiate to save lives and bring peace and prosperity for all. Israel is a nation of about 6 million. It is surrounded by over 200 million Arabs, with entire countries (Iran, Syria) openly supporting the complete destruction of the state. Clearly Hamas and Hizbullah are openly committed to the destruction of Israel. It becomes a bit easier to understand why Israel maintains a strong army and reacts violently when those who wish for its demise take violent action. Many Israelis, including organizations of soldiers and rabbis, have spoken out against cruelty to Palestinians. When will we hear soldiers or spiritual leaders of the Arab world speak out against cruelty to Israelis? A life is a life - dear to God, whether you call God Allah or HaKodesh Baruchu. Stop the killing, stop the insanity, stop the President of Iran, stop the radical right-wing Israeli militarists, stop the American neocon militarists, stop the Shiite and Sunni murderers in Iraq...please God, stop them all.

    By Blogger mw4peace, at 7/17/2006 6:28 PM  

  • Dear Mona
    I can imagine what you feel and what you are in...I pray for you al nights,before I feel calm for sleeping I ask the God to help you to rest and calm like me.
    hope all the wars turn to peace.

    By Blogger eftekhar, at 11/30/2008 10:48 AM  

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