From Gaza, with Love

Monday, January 21, 2008

Great news thanks to my occupier electricity is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to the Israeli occupation
now after 36 hours of cut of the electricity in my flat,i will be able
to wash my cloths
to have my shower
to use the electrical elevator
to buy bread
my daughter can do her home work ,
i can watch television and loudly shout :
long live Mr. Bush and israel for this big blessing electricity , in Gaza
and i donot need to worry about 1.5 million population , who live under this cruel seige , wher ewe donot have cement to build our homes or our graves , wher emy patients die daily due to lack of proper treatment in Gaza and donot have accesability to furthur treatment abroad bcse of borders closure .
no need to worry about lack of diffrent sorts of medications inside our hospitals
no need to worry about increasing number of children , who suffer of malnutrition
due to lack of proper food , as an outcome of poverty
no need to worry about increasing number of women and children who suffer of postraumatic stress disorders,
no need to feel of insecurity, inside or outside my home , as the isreali raids continue against
no need to worry about my restriction of movement , and inability to travel , even to the west bank (last week one of my fiends in the WB ,passed away , and i could not go to pay my last look and say goodbye )
i am too greedy person and nagging too , i should be happy and content ,in my beatiful big cage , and welcome electricity and be very gratfull to my occupier

with lots of love , from Mona who lives in the 21st century and under occupation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

In 2 hours all of the Gaza Strip will sink into darkness completely

Sunday 20 January 2008
I am writing to let you know that in less than 2 hours the last turbine of the Gaza Strip's only power plant will stop working. The fuel for the power plant fuel will run out in 2 hours.

I hurried to recharge my laptop and my mobile and to wash the clothes. I checked my candles and rechargeable lights !!!!!! I telephoned Al-Awda hospital and was really panicked to learn that we have only have enough fuel for 4 days for the electrical generator!!!!! What more details shall I give?

No electricity leads to no pumped fresh water and no proper sewage system which in turn leads to more diseases and more needs for different surgical operations. But after 4 days no emergency operations can be conducted in our hospitals.

Israel sealed the Gaza Strip completely and strictly on Friday. Even the UN food supplies are not allowed to enter Gaza. 80% of the population at the moment depends on the UN aid and different international aid agencies. The UN staff are also not allowed to leave or enter Gaza. And while Israel is sealing the Gaza Strip it is at the same time intensifying air raids and military ground operations against Gaza. In the last few days 37 people were killed and 120 were injured. Most of them are civilians. It is a desperate attempt to stop the rockets from Gaza against the Israeli villages where the Israeli citizens are complaining of panic attacks. This response with such overreacted operations against Gaza is unjustified. The cutting off of power and fuel is frank collective punishment.

1.5 million of Gaza are dying slowly. They need your help and support. Tell the world that Israel's search for peace and security will not be achieved by this collective punishment against us.