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Friday, November 03, 2006

while the world is silent

Gaza: While the world is silent
> Mona Elfarra
> This is happening in the north of Gaza, while the world is silent. Break
> the silence and speak for the speechless.
> Gaza 5pm Thursday 2 November 2006
> During its large scale military operation against Gaza, the Israeli
> occupying army today continued its attack on Beit Hanoun village in the
> north of the Gaza strip. Twelve people were killed and at least 75
> injured, many seriously. All casualities received at Al Awda hospital
> emergency room were seriously injured, with gunshot wounds to the chest,
> abdomen and head.
> Movement of ambulances in and outside the village is greatly restricted.
> Some patients needing renal dialysis cannot leave home for treatment, in
> fact many different types of patients are confined to their homes. The
> only hospital inside Beit Hanoun is surrounded by dozens of army tanks and
> military vehicles. With continous shelling and shooting, any moving body
> would be shot at once.
> All men over 16 wee asked to gather inside one of the village schools. As
> I write, the local radio station has just announced the death of one of
> the women trying to stop the army actions against her family.
> As medical teams we are working under great pressure. The situation has
> been very bad and now it is deteriorating daily, with sanctions against
> the Palestinian Authority, long periods of border closure, military
> assualts...
> We were hoping that negotiations for the release of the captured Israeli
> soldier would bring some hope for improvement of our situation, but it
> seems that Israel is pressing ahead with its preplaned agenda against Gaza
> and Palestinian people.
> I call upon you to spread the word and to try to shake the silent world.


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