From Gaza, with Love

Friday, March 16, 2012

with great love and respect, i am sorry

Dear Friends , sisters , brothers and cmrades
iam realy sorry for not writing regularly , to update you about my life in gaza , i was surprised to see the huge number of your comments ,that have not read ,i told you earlier on , i had a technical proplem with my blog , a friend helped me to sort it out , still i have so many issues on top of my head , both general and personal , would not like to bother you by it , i donot claim to be a VIP , yet iam surrounded by huge woring daily issues ,while living torn a part, between my life in gaza and my grown up children in the UK , I donot surprise you by saying i love my children so much , but those who are young will not understand me , older people mothers and fathers will understand ,that kids are kids even if they are fully grown up individuals , in mothers eyes they are kids , did i make you laugh ??
i have read all your comments , and highly appreciate it even those harsh ones ,last year 2 major incidents occured to me , i lost my yunger brother , at the age of 52 , it was a sudden unexpected death, also a very close relative was very unwell.
i love you all , and your comments encourge and inspire me, to continue writing, and also to continue working hard , for peace and justce , for women, health and children rights .
i love you all
and have a good day
facebook will never make a substitute for blogs
my book based on my blogg 2006-2010 was out last october , the proceed will be for women education in palestine


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