From Gaza, with Love

Friday, March 16, 2012

please listen to BBC Todays Programme-

Gaza material starts 2hrs 21 mins 30 secs in to programme

starts with John Humphreys intro, then Israeli, then Mona

it will be online for another 5 days

thanks again Mona!!!!


> Another great job dear Mona. Keep up your significant contribution towards
> the freedom and prosperity of the Palestinian people. God bless you. Can
> you please send me the link to the interview. Kind regards, Basil
>, March 14, 2012 11:00 AM
> Subject: BBC Today programme
> Dear Mona
> I just wanted to
> say thank you very much for your wonderful interview on the Today
> programme (BBC Radio 4) on Monday. The Today programme is notorious for
> presenting events in Palestine and Israel from an Israeli perspective, so
> it was
> amazing to hear three minutes of airtime in which the audience was told
> about
> the situation in Gaza from a Gazan's point
> of view. This was a first, and it was a hugely important achievement. The
> Today programme is presented by the BBC as its flagship news and current
> affairs
> programme, and it sets the agenda for the rest of the day's news. It
> reaches six
> million listeners a week. To hear the Palestinian perspective on the Today
> programme, and put articulately and intelligently, is of a significance
> that
> can't be underestimated.
> My job at the
> Palestine Solidarity Campaign is to monitor the UK media and lobby for
> change.
> We've been working hard on the Today programme for a year, and this is the
> first
> time we've seen any kind of result. Thank you again for informing UK
> audiences
> of the truth of Israel's occupation and the
> consequences faced by Palestinians.
> Best
> wishes
> Amena
> Amena Saleem
> Fair News -
> Monitoring the Media's Coverage of Palestine and Israel
> Palestine Solidarity
> Campaign
> T: 020 7700
> 6192
> E:


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