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Friday, August 19, 2011

Gaza under Israeli military attack

Gaza -August 18th -1am
Dear Freinds
I am ok.
They have started shelling Gaza City and different parts of the Gaza Strip. The first attack was so close to my building, the F16 hit Almuntada; they have also attacked the north of the city. Already 6 people have been injured and one killed(6 were killed few hours earlier on ). I can hear and see the emergency vehicles on their way to the site of the shelling. My computer is not working so I am using Theresa’s laptop - bad timing. It is sad to see the families below the building in panicking and running outside of the sea resort. The second shelling was against the police building (Arafat police headquarters), so close to the Red Crescent building. The operation is expected to be accelerated and the UN has evacuated its employees. I am trying to calm down while receiving many calls from friends and family checking on me. I have asked Theresa to leave to the west bank tomorrow; she was due to leave on Sunday. I am relieved it is the end of her visit, and she has accomplished her practicum.
Netanyahu exports the internal Israeli political turmoil to an external situation.

With love and solidarity


  • My Dear Ms. Elfarrah;

    I am sorry to hear that Gaza is once more being bombarded by Israel.
    Do you not know that this is in retaliation for a well-planned and hideous attack by twenty of your so-peaceful Palestinians on the city
    of Eilat in Southern Israel? Your
    "innocent" people crosssed into Egypt through one of Hamas' smuggling tunnels, Crossed Sinai, and crossed the un-fenced Israel border.
    There, in a surprise attack, they ambushed two tourist busses and two private cars, killing eight Israeli tourists, among the dead are two children under ten years old, and injured 40 others, using machine guns and explosives. Should Israel stand by and do nothing?
    The attack was un-provoked, and designed to kill as many Israelis as possible - innocent Israeli citizens.
    I doubt that the Media in Gaza have reported on this, so you can check the facts at "".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/20/2011 1:23 AM  

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