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Friday, August 19, 2011

Gaza this morning

Gaza this morning –19th of August 2011-8am
Shattered glass , destroyed a big building (city library under construction) close to Rosy women beauty center, where I can see many broken windows, and people cleaning the rubble and the shattered glass, while I was on my way to check on the red crescent society, which is close to Arafat police headquarters building. It was not hit, as I have heard in the local radio news last night. I have received a phone call from a friend in the north (Beit Hanoun and Jabalia); he says there is continuous (artillery shelling) in the north and east of Gaza.
I do not know what is next! Is it an alarming attack? Is it a start of large scale operation against Gaza? I cannot predict or analyze but it is pretty obvious that the Israeli government intends to divert internal turmoil into Gaza civilians under the immoral pretense of security, they hit targets and terrify civilians, my main concern now is how to coordinate with other health providers, the emergency health services, while we lack basic medications and supplies in most of the health facilities
I could not sleep last night so many people in the city could not, I was thinking Israel will never be secure or safe by hitting Gaza or building more settlements or confiscate more land. Our Palestinian cause is a noble cause that is based on justice and rights as guaranteed by so many UN resolutions, unless the world really has been changed into a big jungle, where the most powerful controls, as the world seems so now. But this is not the end of the battle towards peaceful just world, the continued movements against injustice in many Arab countries will make the change, and inside Israel itself, too.
Theresa I have mentiones in my previous release
Theresa, a master student in Public Health, has finished gathering data to implement family planning program. She will write a recommendation for the Red Crescent Society on how to implement joint husband-wife counseling.


  • I wish you well in your efforts for the people of Gaza. Im also hope you remain safe. Collective punishment is against all international law and is to be condemed. My wife and I will be in Israel mid-november and would love to visit Gaza. we have teddy bears to deliver to the children in hospital. We are doing the same in Holon, Israel and Nairobi, Kenya.

    Henry Silver

    By Blogger Henry, at 8/22/2011 2:10 AM  

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