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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bello Ciao- The Vic I Know

Bello Chio- the Vic i know -1975-2011

With deep sadness in my heart I write. I am sad and shocked that Vik has been taken from our world so soon and so tragically. I am appalled that such ignorant brutality and violence still exists in Palestinian society.
Vik you were dedicated, full of humanity, and fun. Your love for life, music and laughter meant that your presence always created a nice atmosphere, for our youth and children in different occasions. You shared our lives in Gaza for more than 2 years, you danced Dabbka , you would always reach out and shake hands with little boys and girls in the streets, you would play football with them. You were there in our funerals as well as our weddings. and more than that your daily protesting as member of the ISM alongside with Palestinians, on the borders against the buffer zone that was created by Israel, where Farmers were unable reach their land ,
Viktor you were always there with the ISM and Palestinian people, in peaceful protests against the occupation. Calling for justice, peace and a free Palestine,
I have known Viktor for more than 2 years. When he arrived to Gaza with the free Gaza movement Boats in August 2008, and since has stayed in Gaza during the siege and the ongoing different atrocities by the Israeli occupation. He was a radical real revolutionist comrade, on another occasion we met at al Aqsa hospital in the middle camps when Bianca, a member of the ISM, was shot by the Israelis in another peaceful protest against the buffer zone, he was so angry and showed his anger in a very open way. An angry young man, with smiling, beautiful, and peaceful eyes.
In my apartment in Gaza city, we had a light dinner with friends, and he was so happy and sang the nice famous Italian song Bella Ciao he translated it ,I felt empowered and inspired by him. We all sang it together.
Vik (VITTORI ) made thousands of children, youth and men happy , able to continue and steadfast against the occupation and siege , he will always be remembered by us in Palestine , he had a good time with us in Gaza, he was always smiling and happy, and above all worked according to his beliefs.
As a mother I am at loss for words. My thoughts and prayers go to his family.
My comrade, friend, and brother you will always be in my heart.

From Gaza with love
Mona Elfarra


  • A beautiful tribute to a personal hero of mine. I never spoke to him or even exchanged an email but he made an enormous impact on my life. If his example can inspire a Canadian like me, living 1,000's of miles away, it is a certainty that Vittorio's life and death will have an impact that will be quite remarkable. It would be easy to rage of those who caused his suffering and the people he loved so dearly but I doubt highly this attitude would honor Vittorio. I send a prayer of peace and blessing to all who are effected by this. Please know that the struggle of the Palestinians is not far from the minds or hearts of many here in Canada.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 4/21/2011 6:21 PM  

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