From Gaza, with Love

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello from Gaza with Love

Hello friends, supporters
Again I say I am sorry, I have been so involved with my field work, and not to mention the very many power-cuts, it really interrupted my writing and this year's summer has been so hot, it has felt endless. On the other hand I've been so lucky to have 2 great and lovely women stay with me during the summer. I organized their schedule in Gaza, they came in solidarity with us in Palestine, for me it was a very fullfilling time on both a personal and public level, it showed the true meaning of solidarity - that we are not alone and never forgotten. Norma Turner from Manchester PSC, and Wendy Foster from USA, all my love and respect to you, and to all those who believe in the Palestinian people's rights and who believe that solidarity is commitment to Palestine, where the injustice is so clear, I LOVE YOU ALL


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