From Gaza, with Love

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Israel Intensify its attacks against Gaza

27th of februray
my sleep was lagely interuppted , last night so my daughter , the shooting was so heavy against diffrent areas of the city , as well as diffrent parts of the gaza strip , the jet fighters sound was too loud as well as the heliocapters sound ,
this morning 28th of february
it is dispropotional open war , civilians pay the price , 15 people were killed , as an outcome of last night attack , including 3 months old baby !!!!!!!!!(1000 children were killed in the last 5 years alone )
on my way walking to the Red Crescent Society , (i donot have fuel in my car ), it is only 25 mintues , while walking , i can cleary hear successive explosions, from diffrent parts of the city , and the drune on the sky , and also can clearly see the security forces soldiers, outside thier headquarters , as it is under threat of bombing by the israeli military forces , i had to walk very fast , expecting the worse ,
arriving my work to find out that we donot have enough fuel for the ambulance and the other work vehicles.
no fuel entered Gaza since 17 days , our storage has been exhausted , oh my god this situation will have its desasterous impact on diffrent health facilities .
Medical workers as always work under great pessure , and while iam trying to arrange for medical shipment entry to Gaza , donated by MECA , i endure living in such dangerous situation , and lack of electricity , we have scarce power 6- 8 hours daily at the moment ,fresh and clean pumped water is big proplem for most residents of Gaza,
i feel fedup , exhausted and drained of talking about the same topics again and again , and things get worse and worse , so please understand me when i donot write ,
safty is my big concern at the moment as well as meeting medical facilities medications and medical supplies needs
justice and peace is my great goal , please spread the word

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


12th of february 2008
one of my days under the seige 
it is so stressfull not to be able to drive my car , as iam like everybody in Gaza ,we are  controlled by the lack of petrol that enters Gaza via Isarel ,i hurried up to one of the few stations that got petrol today , to my big surprise i found my self in a long que of cars waiting to get petrol , and i had to wait long 3 hours  , before i managed to get 2 gallons of fuel , enough to keep me going for another 2 days , if i rationalised using my car , and that means i will be only driving my car inside gaza city , or park it and walk in a limited areas , SO HERE IAM AGAIN PRISONER IN GAZA iam unable to visit my sister in Khanunis i can go to the Red Crescent clinic but not to the hospital , many people parked thier cars and walk , or use public cars if they can find one !!!!!easily !!!!!!, basic routine practises became so difficult and time consuming ,leave alone the effect of that shortage of fuel ,on our hospitals in particular and public services in general , electricity still big proplem , patchy power is the role !!!continous blackouts makes me  feel very low and in a very cold winter it is a curse .
life continues from one day to another , despite of my mind pisimism i still have the optimism of detremination (Gramchi), and in that context a lot of positive activities are  going on in Gaza ,to empower the community and to stand by poor and margenalised , as a sign of resistance and refusal of injustice , and searching for peace that is based on justice 

very tired and exhausted , drained and thinking of the world silence ,i send my love to you all who think of us as freedom and noble cause  fighters NOT VICTIMS 

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Before my laptop batteries are empty

4th of february 2008-Gaza
it is 2 weeks since we did not have power in Gaza , it was back for short period , now we have patchy power in all areas of Gaza strip , in my flat i have the electricity for 2 - 4 hours if i am lucky , sometimes i do not have it all day , i thought of writing something to change your mood while you are following our stories in Gaza , while i am the one who is in big need to lift my morale , it is my candles' night , unfortunately not a very romantic candle lit night , it is very difficult for me to write whenever i have the urge and desire to do so , and i need to hurry up before my laptop batteries are dead , but any way, i was trying to be charming and persuade my teenager girl of the advantages of having candles a and quiet evening without tv or new sophisticated technology , the answer came back quickly ,with a grim face , "OK, but if it was our choice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  simple few words from my child who , like all her mates, leads an unusual and cruel life in Gaza while the occupation continues these harsh measurements  of cutting off fuel and electricity against gaza population.
 we resist the occupation :
by enduring this difficult unbearable life ,and still not being crushed by our occupier's foot ,continue to live and even to create new ideas to educate and entertain our children , today i was in Nussierat Refugee camp(one of Gaza middle camps ) , where i witnessed the opening of the English Club for the Kids of Afaq Jadida center(New Horizon ), 30 kids age 15-17 will have the chance of learning computer and english language , 
it is amazing, it is inspiring to see the kids sitting to learn while the center had little day light and it was dim, there were candles too , in another corner  of the center , the library i could clearly see some kids reading books using  candle lights , the librarian    on her wheelchair, with smiling face, watching and encouraging .It was good chance for John Harvey , from Olimbia Rafah  sister city foundation(USA) , to take some photos and to show his solidarity and support .
the center is in great need for electrical generator , well, another task for me ,and a great necessity for this little paradise , where the kids can enjoy whatever's possible in this gloomy atmosphere , i believe that it is so important to support the kids' psychology via entertaining activities , this is what we do in Afaq jadida and other children centers in Gaza , those are in partnership with the Middle East Children Alliances ,
before the battery is empty , with all my love i say goodbye