From Gaza, with Love

Sunday, November 11, 2007

While the siege continues and the world watches with disbelief

While the siege continues and the world watches with disbelief

From Gaza I write to let you know that , , at least 7 patients reported to die while waiting permit to leave Gaza ,for treatment inside Israeli hospital , many patients die slowly while waiting for referral for further treatment outside Gaza , we don’t have good reporting system to report the actual number of patients , who eventually will die due to lack of their treatment in Gaza ,if we have this proper reporting facilities ,the patients will die , good reporting will not end the cruel siege against Gaza .
The referral process of patient indeed for treatment is long, time consuming, demoralising and distressing for the patients and their families, many died while waiting for referral, I remember the death of my friend MrMansour. Thabet ,who was helped by Physicians for human rights Israel, to get the referral to one of the Israeli hospitals, mansour suffered of cancer , he waited long 59 days before he was allowed to enter Israel for treatment , on his second trial to enter Israel to continue his treatment , his health condition deteriorated, he has passed away, before getting the permit, to travel for treatment inside one of the Israeli hospitals , the list is too long , to count ,at the moment the health situation inside Gaza is disastrous .. Especially after Israel declared Gaza hostile territory, tens of essential medications are lacking, few weeks ago

On 21 of October 2007

Hospitals throughout Gaza Strip have shut down their operating
Rooms due to a lack of essential anaesthetic drugs, lives of thousands of patient’s inneed for emergency operations were threatened.

we live inside our home ,while unsafe ,under home arrest lack most of our basic needs ,
from Gaza with love


  • Dear Mona

    I can not find the right words to say sorry to my brothers and sisters in Gaza, those dying and those going hungry and those who are going insane and those who can no longer bear to humiliate themselves eating from rubbish bins. im so so so sorry i wish i could do something . I did help very very little , i sent some money via different routes and it reached and helped a few people but it is not enough. I blame the corrupt coward Arab leaders for not being strong enough to say Enough , enough we can not tolerate these crimes , we should help our brothers . may not not free them from occupation , but at least help them with food , and medicine, et... how can they pretend to be Muslims , while thousands are still stranded in Rafah suffering hellish conditions. Shame on you Mubarak , shame on aLL of you cowards in the Khaleej for spending millions and billions on arms that re not going to be used but refusing to help the people of gaza . the gulf countries can send medicine , and oxygen bottles , and antibiotics et.. but do they care at all ? Allah with the Palestinians inshallah .

    I blame the zionists , the americans , and the Europeans , and Abu Mazen and his clique but i also blame the corrupt evil dictators who are doing NOthing to help . shame

    By Blogger Leyla Benkirane, at 11/11/2007 11:07 PM  

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