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Wednesday, July 19, 2006



16th of July, 1.30 am
A loud explosion woke me up. Sondos was frightened and covered her head with the blankets. I switched on my the little transistor radio - the f16 hit the ministry of foreign affairs building with one rocket. This is the second time in less than one week. Straight away I thought of Fawaz and Nawaf, my childhood friends and their families, but I did not dare to contact them! The sound of explosion was too strong , it shook my flat (500 meters away).

7.30 am
After struggling to sleep, I decided to wake up, and hurried to my friends’ house. They were not injured but the scene was shocking. Fawaz was startled not focusing so his brother, and the children, he took me to see the garden, many old trees were completely destroyed as were the windows of their building. The garden was full of rubble from the ministry of foreign affairs building.

Why hit the same building twice in one week? They did the same with ministry of interior building, which my friend Hoda lives too close to. It is a form of systematic collective punishment through terrifying the population.

No electricity, no water, no milk for babies, no safety, closed borders. 1.5 million people captured in their own country with continuous shelling from sea, land and air against civilians targets. 110 were killed in 3 weeks (45 were children) and hundreds more were injured. It is a well-planned systematic assault and collective punishment against the whole population; it is a desperate trial by the IOF the Israeli occupying forces to destroy our will and our determination to achieve our just national goals. They will not succeed.

We get tired sometimes, we complain other times, but fortunately Palestinian people don’t have the psychology of victims. We have the psychology of freedom fighters, and with other people who fighting daily against injustice, and with your solidarity we shall overcome. With every pain and suffering, we cry freedom freedom, freedom.

Gaza today 19 July
Al Magazi refugee camp, eastern Gaza
Today is the second day of IOF incursion into the Al Magazi camp in the middle of Gaza Strip. They are shelling from the sea, land, and air. Nine people have been killed and at least 45, mainly civilians, have been injured in the first hours of the incursion. There is no water, no electricity; hospitals are struggling with increasing causalities, and working in this emergency with an alternative power supply and exhausted medical stores.

Beit Hanoun village,northern Gaza

The IOF withdrew from the village after demolishing 40 houses and killing 12 people. Tens more are injured and large areas of fruitful agricultural land was also destroyed. During the incursion 2 journalist were injured as well as 2 health emergency team workers. Our surgical team at Al-Awda hospital was overwhelmed with the large number of the casualities.

The army stayed for 3 days in the village and left in its wake great destruction. The UN OSO team reported some very poor families are in great need for baby formula but the UN doesn’t supply this sort of milk. I shall make sure to distribute this milk via the Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) tomorrow.

While I was writing, I heard several big successive explosions from the gunboats and apache heliocapters in the sky, as well as the sound of drones. There is no electricity. I don't find it easy to write with the candle light and the old-fashioned kerosene lamp.

In solidarity
Mona ElFarra


  • Mona, I´ve just discovered your blog. Congratulations for your work, for the texts and for the fight for peace and human rights. I´m gonna keep visiting, hoping to see someday better news about Palestine.

    By Blogger luddista, at 7/19/2006 10:05 PM  

  • Mona, thank you for your continued clear eyed coverage. My heart is with you.

    By Blogger jarvenpa, at 7/19/2006 10:26 PM  

  • From the UK.
    Free Palestine!
    Know that your struggle is our struggle.
    There are 10,000's of progressive UK citizens who support the struggle of the Palestinian people.

    I was talking to my mother last night - she is 78 now and she told me that what Israel is doing in the Middle East sickens her heart and that she has always supported the Palestinian people's right for justice and freedom (and my mother still supports the UK Labour Party - the party of Tony Blair, Prime Minister).

    On Saturday in London (we will march past 10 Downing Street where Mr Tony Blair lives), Manchester and other major UK cities 1000's of us will be demonstating for freedom for Palestine (see it on TV).And when march past Mr Tony Blair's house we will shout as one "YO Blair! - Freedom for Palestine - Freedom for the Palstinian people!"

    We can never call ourselves civilised until your win your right for freedom as the people of South Africa won theirs in their fight against aparteid.

    Stand tall - you fight for us all!

    Remember Spartacus the Roman slave - "I'am a Palestinian and we are all Palestinian's of this world"!!

    In Solidarity

    Neil Williams

    By Blogger Neil Williams, at 7/19/2006 11:02 PM  

  • Your brave fighters have been collectively punishing the Israelis for years. Perhaps that is not a wise idea. It seems as if over time it pisses off the Israelis.

    How does it feel to be used as cannon fodder by your Arab brothers?

    Fear not your Arab League brothers have denounced Hizbollah and did not even mention the Palestinians. I fear you have chosen the wrong horse again. Still, it means you have a perfect record. Something to be proud of.

    Consider yourselves lucky to have the Israelis as enemies. The Jordanians would not be so gentle.

    Still you have my best wishes. Give up your fight and get a life. It will be better for all concerned.

    You have Gaza. Make something of it. Hong Kong did more with less.

    By Blogger M. Simon, at 7/20/2006 1:11 AM  

  • Your brave fighters have been collectively punishing the Israelis for years. Perhaps that is not a wise idea. It seems as if over time it pisses off the Israelis.

    How does it feel to be used as cannon fodder by your Arab brothers?

    Fear not your Arab League brothers have denounced Hizbollah and did not even mention the Palestinians. I fear you have chosen the wrong horse again. Still, it means you have a perfect record. Something to be proud of.

    Consider yourselves lucky to have the Israelis as enemies. The Jordanians would not be so gentle.

    Still you have my best wishes. Give up your fight and get a life. It will be better for all concerned.

    You have Gaza. Make something of it. Hong Kong did more with less.

    By Blogger M. Simon, at 7/20/2006 1:12 AM  

  • My thoughts are with you, your friends, and your family. I am horrified by the violence you are exposed to so often, and I will continue to hope for your safety.

    By Blogger Cat Named Eggroll, at 7/20/2006 1:16 AM  

  • Mona, I really salute you for doing this fantastic job and on top finding the strength to write constant updates .. you're really wonderful!!
    I have no words anymore for what this Israeli government does ... the terror it spreads - and all is blessed by George W. and his crew! I believe GOD is justice .. and justice will prevail at the end!
    BE STRONG and STAY SAFE ... may Allah protect you, Sondos and ALL Palestinian people!
    Big hug for the two of you!!

    By Blogger Karin, at 7/20/2006 1:18 AM  

  • The 2 Israeli Arab Children that were bombed and killed in Nazereth it is said that the Missle came from Nazereth Elit which is the Jewish upper Nazereth. The Arabs live in Lower Nazereth at the bottom..Of the Valley. It sounds like the Yehude is trying to Ignite strife among the Israeli Arabs as well they want them out of Israel as well. They will do anything to get rid of any Arab wether they are Christian, Muslim or Druze..This is not a religious war this is an Ethnic war..

    By Blogger CochiseandSpurLethr, at 7/20/2006 6:45 AM  

  • Thank you for continuing to update us on what is happening. Please take care and be careful. Someday I hope that peace will come, not just to Palestine but the world.

    May God continue to stand by you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/20/2006 6:53 AM  

  • Mona,
    Thank you for all that you do for the people of Gaza! Here in Los Angeles today, we held a demonstration of about 400 people calling for Israel to get out of Lebanon and Gaza, to cease its barbaric destruction of civilian life and infrastructure. Know that there are millions of us in the West who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and your just struggle for human rights and dignity!
    Deepest regards,

    By Blogger Gary Yeritsian, at 7/20/2006 8:30 AM  

  • Great opportunity to remind readers that you can donate directly to Dr. Mona through the Middle East Children's Alliance

    Be safe, ya ukhti

    By Blogger Moses, at 7/20/2006 10:53 PM  

  • you are amazing!! may god be always with you and your family!! and i sincerely hope, this crisis ends soon!!

    take care please!

    By Blogger deepsat, at 7/21/2006 2:26 PM  

  • hey I m a greek blogger and i read your blog trying to find out what is going on

    keep up the good work

    i wish one day we will be reading happier posts ... till then my heart is with you

    dont give up

    By Blogger dgalanis, at 7/21/2006 6:01 PM  

  • "The Arabs".

    Nice bit of racism.

    Not nice, no, that's not the word

    By Blogger Moses, at 7/23/2006 6:41 AM  

  • Neo-Cons MUST Be Exposed

    "The Splash art, the political cartoons, and many articles on Jeff’s website target George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld as the villains in the U.S. Government.

    Indeed, they are all involved in the Planned Destruction of America. But they are just the puppets out in front.

    They have very little real power.

    Impeachment of President Bush would accomplish nothing. The Neo-Cons who control him would remain in position and replace Bush with just another puppet. And nothing would change!

    These unelected infiltrators would continue to run the government from behind the scenes.

    Almost no mention is made of these masterminds of evil behind the scenes (the real Axis of Evil), the puppet Masters who manipulate Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

    These are the Neo-Conservatives, “Neo-Cons” for short, who are ALL Jewish, Zionist, Trotskyite-Communists who now masquerade as “Republicans”.
    They include:

    William Kristol, (the son of Communist Irving Kristol, author of Memoirs of a Trotskyite), the editor of The Weekly Standard and a frequent political commentator on the totally Zionist Jewish-controlled media,

    Paul Wolfowitz, former Under Secretary of Defense (who for years has held the puppet strings of Donald Rumsfeld) and who now is head of the World Bank,

    Douglas Feith, underling to Wolfowitz,

    Richard Perle, Advisor to the Pentagon,

    Natan Sharansky, Ariel Sharon’s Israeli Ambassador to the Jewish Diaspora (Jews around the world) who, according to George W. Bush, wrote, or supplied the ideas for the writing of at least one of George W. Bush’s recent major speeches.

    Many of these infiltrators have dual citizenship in the U.S. AND in Israel.

    They have taken over our government. And, unfortunately, their actions boldly proclaim that their allegiance is to Israel - and not to America!

    These dangerous men, and many others like them, who hold positions of power in our government, are the ones who are the real destroyers of America.

    They are the ones who should be exposed!"

    Dr. Lorainne Day

    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 9/16/2006 7:53 AM  

  • The Israeli Zionist dream for Palestine is coming true. Deprived of food, water electricity, money, medical care, safety, leadership, and official outside help, the Palestinians are turning on each other as they struggle to survive.

    But Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has made it clear that this is only the beginning.

    “Nobody dies from not having electricity”, Olmert is said to have told his cabinet, and “no one in Gaza should sleep.” Emphasizing that last point, low-flying IDF jets break the sound barrier over Gaza virtually every night.

    The Palestinian government disaster was deliberately contrived by:

    United States
    European Union
    United Nations

    To add more to the Palestinian misery, the Israel Defense Force is conducting daily raids, bombings, attacks, kidnappings, and interference with human movements.

    The goal is to contrive the utter collapse of Palestinian society, while goading as many as possible into leaving, dying, or killing each other.

    The Olmert government or its Zionist backers hardly care which.


    While the outside world has been more or less fixated on Lebanon, the IDF and the Mossad have been conducting intensive warfare and political harassment in Gaza and the West Bank. This is nothing new.

    The Israelis have taken much of the parliament, many cabinet members, and the Deputy Prime Minister hostage; they use the euphemism “arrest” for what they do.

    In pure Zionist fashion, they have threatened to assassinate the Prime Minister and have bombed his and other government offices.

    Israel has progressively disassembled the democratically elected Palestinian Government by kidnappings, and it is doubtful that without an international outcry that so far h as not been forthcoming, I hardly doubt these prisoners will ever be released.

    Instead they may join the ranks of the estimated 10,000 Palestinian hostages the Israelis have held without charge for over 25 years.

    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 9/16/2006 7:55 AM  

  • "On the West Bank and in Gaza — the Occupied Lands — there is no let-up in the killing of Palestinians, mostly young ones, often mere children, by the soldiery of Israel.

    But I fear a flagging of American concern. It is hard not to be touched by that fear, for I remember what happened here in our country after Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon. The savagery of that rampage — culminating as it did in the pitiless and deadly summer-long bombardment of civilians in West Beirut — dropped all too quickly out of interest.

    Many Americans who at the very time of those events were almost as horrified as they should have been, seemed before long to have become a little confused about who had been killing whom to have plastered over the inexcusable with excuses so vaguely conceived and expressed as to be hard to pin down for refutation.

    Then they dismissed the whole distressful thing from their minds, while American “aid” to Israel rolled on cluster-bombs, Security Council “vetoes” and all. It would be naive not to be afraid that a like oblivion may come to wash over the present doings of Israel.

    Indeed, I suspect the Israelis are counting on it."

    The Late Charles L. Black

    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 9/16/2006 8:00 AM  

  • Poor M. Simon. Such hatred in your black little heart. Dishing out sympathy with such easy contempt. It's the disgusting likes of you that allows the government of Israel to keep on murdering Palestinian and Lebanese children. And of course there's plenty of your type in North America whose people are BRAIN DEAD from their suffocating Media drenched in high-powered, never-ending Zionistic lies.

    KSM, I see you love your little Goldie Meir. A she-demon who kept ranting about the "non-existent" Palestinians. "Where are they?", she shrieked. "How can we give land to these "Palestinians" when they don't even exist?"

    The very same "person" who said: "How many Palestinian children did we kill?...well I wish we could have killed a few more."

    Truly, a monsterous being was this so-called "leader" of Israel, she set the tone of hatred, hypocrisy, and blood-splashing like so many before and after her.

    How awesome to see you quoting the usual GARBAGE AND FILTH.

    By Blogger Rhiannon, at 9/18/2006 7:33 AM  

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